Alii Muhammed From Instagram Touching Heights of Success at Only 24

To collaborate with brands like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuotton – it’s been a pleasure for a young guy who is making great social noise at his own pace!

Alii Muhammed is a 24-year-old digital content creator from Dubai. His content is  based on lifestyle, menswear, and luxury. But when you hear someone talk about Dubai, the first thing that clicks on to our mind is perhaps their luxurious lifestyle, cars, and crazy skyscrapers! However, AliiMuhd uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel showing the other side of Dubai that has really made an impact! ( and has helped him grow his page!

Alii Muhammed has a passion for inspiring, storytelling and aims to public speak one day.

His work ethic is what makes him a man of success because of his list of achievement on such a young age. He became the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton store in Dubai Mall in 2015 at the age of 21 and at the age of 24 got to travel on a press trip with Mariott MiddleEast to Cairo in 2018. He has also collaborated with a lot of fashion brands which include, Zegna, Tom Ford, Suit Supply and Guess to name a few.

Talking about social media, he is an active user of Instagram having more than 41k followers @aliimuhd . Being an influencer on social media he inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle. Bearing the essence of gentleman he always motivates and guides others to be a sophisticated gentleman.

His work makes him admiral and the essence of gentleness that he carries in his persona made him an inspiration for many.

Therefore, we encourage you to check him out and wish him all the best!


Ajay Deep

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