All you Need to know About Online Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Tournaments are multiplayer games which are played by players for a fixed number of deals. In tournaments, players keep playing the game until one player wins the game. In Rummy Tournaments the prize pool is already decided and distributed among the winning players. In tournaments, players are required to register for the game and select the given time slot. Players are given a number of chips where the basic goal is to stay in the game till last and win the game. The winner of the round gets all the chips of other players who have lost the game. 

All you need to know about Online Rummy Tournaments

In Online Rummy Tournaments, every table has a fixed number of deals and players get seated based on their entry into the tournament. A maximum of 6 players can play rummy on a table. Players have to keep on playing the game until the others get eliminated and one player wins the game. Platforms such as Rummy Passion hosts different types of tournaments for their players on a regular basis.

Types of Rummy Tournaments

Two types of rummy tournaments are hosted by rummy platforms for their players, which are:

Cash Tournaments 

These are the tournaments in which players are required to pay a participation fee. Rewards are based on the basis of the participation fee which is paid by the players in the cash tournament. Cash tournaments are very popular among players as this format of the rummy game offers huge rewards and cash prizes to players. At Rummy Passion players can play Cash 2500, Cash 1000, Cash 500, Cash100, Cash 25 and Cash10.   

Freeroll Tournament 

Freeroll tournaments are the tournaments in which players don’t have to pay the participation fee. In freeroll tournaments, players get the opportunity to win a cash bonus without paying any entry fee or participation fee. If a player is new to online rummy games, then they can play freeroll tournaments at Rummy Passion and win a cash bonus. Rummy Passion hosts Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh, Jumbo Jackpot 10K, Big Jackpot 5K, Big Jackpot 1K and Jackpot 1K regularly for its players.

Players are required to be familiar with the rules and concepts of online rummy tournaments. Players need to have a strong understanding of the game to win the game. Some of the tips to win the game of online rummy tournaments are as follows:

Learn the core concepts and rules of the game

Players need to know the basic rules and concepts of the game. Those who are new to online rummy games are advised to know the basic concept of rummy and understand the gameplay properly before playing rummy online cash game or participating in rummy tournaments. Every tournament has a different participation fee, the number of rounds varies in the game, and rewards and prizes are also different in the online rummy tournament. 

Start with the low stakes

When you are new to online rummy tournaments, players are advised to start with the low stakes. Before participating in online rummy tournaments, players are suggested to participate in freeroll tournaments or start the game with low stakes. When players are confident enough about the gameplay then they are encouraged to participate in cash tournaments. 

 Watch the moves of the opponents

In online rummy games, players are always recommended to watch the moves of the opponents, as rummy card game is about observing the moves and then discarding or picking the cards. Likewise, to avoid letting opponents know which cards you are melding to form sets and sequences, it is good to pick cards from the closed deck rather than from the open deck. If players focus on their game and use smart strategies then winning rummy hands at tournaments becomes easier.  

 Play with the right mindset

While participating in the online rummy tournaments, players are recommended to keep one tip in mind which is to play the game with the right mindset. Players should focus on the game and make strategies for winning a hand in rummy tournaments. If players are not prepared emotionally, then it will reflect in the gameplay. So, players are always advised to join the game with the right mindset that helps them in making the right decisions.


To suffice, we can say that online rummy tournaments give the opportunity to improve their skills and earn cash bonuses and rewards. Players can participate in different varieties of rummy tournaments by paying a minimal entry fee for cash tournaments and no entry fee is required to participate in freeroll tournaments. Players can grab the opportunity of winning cash bonuses and rewards by participating in tournaments at India’s Best Rummy App – Rummy Passion.


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