Alok Nath discards IFTDA’s Notice, Says He’s Not Accountable Since no Police Complaint has Been Lodged

In the appalling disclosure made by Vinta Nanda during the past week, Alok Nath was charged of sexually assaulting her at the time when she was drunk. The film industry was in big shock and later the biggies such as Sandhya Mridul, Himani Shivpuri and others too came forward to express Alok Nath’s misbehavior.

The well-known personality who is acknowledged for his sincere on-screen image is under a lot of adverse limelight recently and seems like the things are not primed for him at this time. The actor got a notice by The Cine TV Arts Association (CINTAA) in recent times, which he disregarded claiming that a few females distorted liberties, security given to them & make untrue claims.

The document stated, Please note that it is the matter of record that some of the persons have started misusing liberties, protections, concessions available to them for hailing for a particular class and more particularly liberties and protections made available to the female members.

It is also a matter of experience that time and again, untruthful and untrue complaints are lodged comprising complaints of severe nature inviting grave sections and stern penal sections and finally the persons in contrast to whom the claims are made are being innocent by the Honorable Court and afterward, the complaint by itself is
quashed by the Honorable Court.

Now, his legal representatives have disapproved yet added a notification that was forwarded to him by IFTDA. The actor’s legal representatives answered to the notice stating, My client states that however, in the present case, there are no complaints at all made with any of the police sections nor lodged with any of the lawful authorities save and except making conferences and several protests on the social platform.

“Please note that since till date, there is no such early objection made by any of individual comprising the said Smt Vinta Nanda, a query of my customer being accountable to indicate any case before you Association does not arise.


Gurpreet Singh

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