Amazon Alexa App Now Available in India for Android & iOS | Here’s How it Works

To help set up the Echo line of smart speakers which will be soon shipping out to the customers this week, Amazon has released its Alexa app in India for the iOS and Android platform. The Amazon Alexa app gives the support for the smart speaker range by Amazon, Echo. Apart from this, the Amazon Alexa app is useful for the users to add new skills, change the settings quickly, create new routines, see what’s been playing and monitor the previously made requests. The app comes as big sigh of relief for the people who like to keep a list of their groceries shopping by talking to a voice assistant.

How will Amazon Alexa help set up the Echo Smart-speakers?

Ahead of the Echo launch, Amazon has partnered with the local companies and brands to provide India-specific experience for the citizens from its Amazon Alexa app. This includes collaborations with companies like NDTV, Ola, Saavn, Syska, Times of India and Sportskeeda amongst various others. This will help you hear about anything that you want, from a mild dosage of news by reading it aloud to your to the cricket match score.

For music, the user will have to choose between Amazon Music, Saavn, and TuneIn. There have been reports of the former app not working due to some glitch but we hope that the Amazon Alexa will soon iron out the bugs that the users are encountering. The app also gives you an option to access local skills if you own Echo device, including the ability to ask the local weather and traffic. With a small setup in the starting where the user can choose any language out of the four available, one needs to bear the accent. One also has to change the residence address to India for the device to work properly.

The Amazon Alexa has also rolled out the feature to set up the Amazon Tap, a technology which has not been yet introduced in India. The services might work with your Echo smart-speakers if you have an imported set of units. To use the feature one need to set it up and have it work smoother. There have been reports that soon Amazon will make the Amazon Tap feature available in India.


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