Amazon announces Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Connect | Launch & Price Details

Amazon seems to be on a roll with the launching of the FIRE 4K TV a few days ago and now it has announced four new ECHO devices. The Amazon ECHO line up consists of two new smart speakers Echo and the Echo Plus as well as the Echo Spot that is basically an alarm clock speaker with a display.

Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo is in its second generation and replaces the original Echo which revolutionized the smart speaker space. The new model comes with a tweeter and a 2 inch subwoofer. Dolby processing promises improved sound.  Amazon claims that the Echo will now be able to hear you better even in a noisy room.

The new Echo costs $99.99 and will release on October 31.

Amazon Echo plus

The Amazon Echo plus includes the functionality of whatever the Echo does but comes with an added feature of smart home . This ensures that you will be able to control your smart home devices like your smart bulbs, thermostat, smart TV, windscreen by voice commands to Alexa.

The Echo Plus will cost $149.99 and will be available alongside the echo on October 31.

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot is traditionally an alarm clock which comes with an additional display that helps in interacting with your smart devices in real time. It can play a video, show you lyrics of the song you’re playing and see the weather without even asking. It has a 2.5 inch display and a 1.4 inch speaker. A front facing camera enables video calling functionality.

The Echo Spot is priced at $129.99 and will be available at a later date of December 19.

Amazon Echo Connect

Amazon Echo connect is basically a smart connecting device that will play the role of a bridge between other Echo powered devices. It will connect to your home phone and other Echo devices so that you can directly speak the name of the one you want to call and the Echo device will command Echo connect to dial that number from your home phone.

It is the least expensive Echo product and is priced at $34.99.  It will be available on December 13.

The price and availability of these products in India is however unknown.



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