Amazon Prime Membership Will Now Cost Rs. 999 But You Can Still Get it at Rs. 499 For 3 Days

Amazon today revealed that they will soon start charging the Indian customers 999 for their Amazon Prime Video service which was earlier priced at 499 a year as an introductory offer.

In India the Amazon Prime Video customers are also eligible to get free deliveries on all 11 million products irrespective of minimum order amount. Amazon has also been offering the Amazon Prime Membership subscribers an early access to its Diwali and other sales. It was reported that 40% of the annual sales last year were made by Amazon Prime Video subscribers. Amazon offers the Amazon Prime Video service on web and also has dedicated android and ios apps.

Competition of the Amazon Prime Video service in India:

The Amazon Prime Video membership service competes with Hotstar, Netflix and the newly launched Hooq video service In India. In terms of price the Netflix charges a premium sum of 499-800 as opposed to Amazon Prime Video’s 499 a year. The Hooq video service at 89 a month will, however, be the cheapest once Amazon Prime Video increases its prices in a matter of days.

In terms of content Hooq’s portfolio is pretty unlimited and only competes the Amazon Prime Video service on basis of its Hollywood movie catalogue. The Netflix has the highest number of American television series as well as the richest original content. Amazon Prime Video, however, has tried a different approach. It offers the best Bollywood movie catalogues, as well as some original content.

Amazon Prime Video also partnered with various Indian stand up comedians for comedy special series. Some of Amazon Prime Video’s original shows include the Mozart in the Jungle and The Girlfriend Experience which are very well received by critics and audiences as well.

Changes in the price of Amazon Prime Video service in India:

The Amazon Prime Video service was launched at an introductory price of 499 a year when first introduced in India. It was suspected that the price may increase to 999 a year sooner but somehow Amazon ended up giving the introductory benefits of Amazon Prime Video for almost a year. There is no date as of now when the prices of the Amazon Prime Video service will be hiked.

Source: NDTV


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