Amazon is Developing a Messenger app to rival Whatsapp | Here’s What’s New in Amazon App

As reported, Amazon is believed to be developing its own messaging app – ‘Anytime’. The e-commerce giant Amazon is venturing into an instant messaging arena with its app ‘Anytime’ and is believed to rival the likes of WhatsApp, messages, Facebook Messenger and other modes of messing via other social networks. According to a report Amazon’s app, apparently called Anytime, will support numerous attractive features that will make it an instant hit among the youth.

Features of Amazon’s Anytime app

  • ‘Anytime’, the messaging app by Amazon is being created for messaging.
  • Amazon’s ‘Anytime’would also support voice calls.
  • Video calls will be supported by Amazon’s ‘Anytime’.
  • Amazon’s ‘Anytime’ will feature digital masks as well as intriguing stickers.
  • It may have stickers and other few features similar to Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Anytime could feature in-app games.
  • Amazon’s Anytime may have photo filters to quickly edit your pictures.
  • Location sharing service may be a part of Anytime by Amazon.
  • The Anytime app by Amazon may also support GIFs, stickers and emoji.

It is believed that Amazon had initiated a survey wherein Amazon invited feedback and suggestions from its customers about the most desirable and necessary features that they would like to have in a messaging app. The app called Anytime from Amazon will allegedly be available across different internet based platforms. The messaging service is believed to be available on smartphones running on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition to this, users will be able to use Amazon’s Anytime on even desktop. It is also reported that Amazon is planning to amalgamate numerous attractive features of different apps to create this one-of-a-kind application Anytime.

Amazon’s Anytime poised to work independently

As per reports Amazon’s Anytime may have a feature like the Facebook Messenger that works even without a phone number. In addition to this Amazon is working upon Anytime to make it self-sustainable wherein it works independently without requiring a contact’s phone number. Though there are no official statement from Amazon about its alleged app Anytime and furthermore it has not revealed whether or not it is going to launch this application.

Source: Inews


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