Ammonia Gas Leak in Industrial Area, Chandigarh | Workers Unconscious, Panic Spreads

The news of gas leak at a factory in Industrial area, phase 2, Chandigarh gripped the labourers and residents in the area with panic. Two workers also fell unconscious due to the gas that further intensified the panic among the fellow workers.

Ammonia Gas Leak in Industrial Area, Chandigarh

According to the report, Ammonia gas leaked at a screw factory in phase 2, Industrial area, Ram Darbar, Chandigarh and left two factory workers unconscious. The report also mentions that the gas leak incident happened in the morning around 11 am at the screw manufacturing factory in industrial area Chandigarh.

Panic-stricken workers were immediately evacuated from the screw manufacturing factory in Ram Darbar, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Chandigarh and the two workers who fell unconscious after inhaling the leaked ammonia gas were immediately rushed to Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, Chandigarh. As per the report, the unconscious workers were discharged from the hospital after the first aid.

Workers fell unconscious after inhaling leaked ammonia gas

The Chandigarh fire brigade department reacted swiftly to the call and rushed to the spot to bring the situation under control. As per the fire officer, the gas leak incident had happened in plot number 775, industrial area, phase 2, Chandigarh. It was learnt that gas leaked due to breakage in the ammonia cylinder valve. Fellow workers told the department that when the workers – Sonu and Nirmal Singh were taking an empty ammonia cylinder out of the factory it accidentally hit the door and broke its valve. No sooner did the valve broke, gas started leaking from the cylinder. Both the workers fell unconscious after inhaling the gas.

Major mishap could have happened, if

Ammonia gas is harmful, and exposure to high concentrations of the ammonia gas can cause serious injuries such as the immediate burning of the throat, nose and the respiratory tract.

According to the report, two fire tenders were immediately pressed into service after receiving the panic call. The fire officials managed to plug the leak and the empty ammonia gas cylinder was immediately sent to Zirakpur, Punjab. If the gas cylinder had been full, it could have resulted in a major mishap.

Source: Hindustan Times


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