Guerrilla Wars | Amrit Maan & Deep Jandu (New Punjabi Song) | Official Video

Agya Ni Ohi Billo Taim! That’s right! Deep Jandu and Amrit Maan are back with their new Punjabi song Guerrilla wars and it sounds amazing.  The hit duo which brought us the Kaali Camaro a year back never seem to fail us. Deep Jandu’s new Punjabi song Guerrilla Wars hits the right cords and is hands down one of the best tunes of 2017. Amrit Maan’s new punjabi song is available to download from all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Saavn.

Deep Jandu’s urban beats lift Amrit Maan’s Guerrilla Wars to another level.

Deep Jandu is undoubtedly the king of Music when it comes to the Punjabi Music Industry. His beats in new Punjabi song Guerrilla Wars are refreshing and bring a sense of hip hop into his tunes. With his frequent collaborations with Deep Jandu, Amrit Maan seems to acknowledge it as well. The song has vocals by DJ Goddess too, who is a visual treat in the video. The new Punjabi song mentions Amrit Maan as ‘Desi Escobar’ a couple of times since he plays a drug lord in the video. He has been compared to Columbia’s famous drug cartel owner Pablo Escobar here. The new Punjabi song Guerrilla Wars has Deep Jandu’s peppy music and will do great with urban audiences. Download the song ‘Here’.

The Video of Amrit Maan and Deep Jandu’s Guerrilla Wars is a visual treat.

The video of new Punjabi song Guerrilla Wars by Sukh Sanghera is one of his best works. It manages to get the look right, just in line with Deep Jandu’s music. The new Punjabi music video features Amrit Maan as a drug lord where he is compared to Pablo Escobar a couple of times. DJ Goddess plays his love interest who later turns out to be a cop. With plush mansions, flashy cars and yes also a lit robot, the video of new Punjabi song Guerrilla Wars is all things 2017. The dancing Robot has an uncanny resemblance to Atom from Real Steel. Deep Jandu makes a brief appearance too.

Watch the video of Amrit Maan and Deep Jandu’s new Punjabi Song Guerrilla Wars here:


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