Amritsar | Drunk Youth Crashes His SUV into Guru Nanak Dev University Main Gate

Amritsar based Guru Nanak Dev University witnessed a high-end drama on Monday night when a former student gate crashed by his Safari Car. The driver of the car has been identified as Simarjeet Singh, who was the ex-student of the University and used to stay with his family inside the campus.

Simarjeet drove the high-speed Safari car inside the University campus and damaged University property. The incident took place around 11:30 Pm when the security guards were relaxing, but when they noticed something husky then they informed the police about the same.

Highlights of the incident

Accused usually come to meet his friends in the university, on Monday night also Simarjeet came to meet his friends but he was so drunken that he can’t control his car and crashed the gate, then smashed into the railing of the University. On Tuesday morning student spotted the car-

  • With numerous numbers of alcohol bottles.
  • And even he didn’t stop the car for checking purpose on the entry gate of GNDU, Amritsar.
  • Accused is just 30 years old and even the interrogation revealed that the car doesn’t belong to him.
  • The accused was fully drunken at the time of the incident.

Although the intention of the accused is not yet cleared, it may happen that the incident took place due to the overdose of alcohol.

Question on the Security?

The incident also put a question on the security of the University. Security personnel at GNDU Amritsar have been claimed by the students that they are only active in the daytime.

  • Sources even alleged that Security guards have recognised Simerjeet that’s why they let him go.
  • They even don’t ask for his i-card.
  • Guards even don’t ask for the entry of the accused in the main gate.
  • Once they saw the messy situation, then only they made the entry by themselves to avoid trouble for them.

Although police have not registered a FIR in Amritsar against the accused. But soon the police will meet the security officer for the same and charges like drink & drive, trespassing, damage to university property and rash driving will be put on the accused. As of now, no CCTV footage have been provided to the police by the security of the university.

Image: Hindustan times

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