Amsterdam Based Company to Open 9 New Coworking Spaces in Canada

Amsterdam based company is all set to enter coworking space Canada in the year 2019. Recently Spaces has announced to open 9 new shared office spaces in and across Canada. With the increasing number of entrepreneurs,  Canada is all set to increase the number of workspaces as well. Along with Spaces, even Regus is about to inaugurate a few more Coworking spaces in different cities in Canada.

Spaces and Regus have entered the Canadian market of Coworking space and are all set to take over the same. So if you are planning to rent a seat in any of the Coworking space, then check out the upcoming one in Canada below.

Spaces to Open 9 New Coworking Spaces in Canada in 2019

Spaces, an Amsterdam based company has been specialized in building creative coworking space. Recently it has decided to open a total of 9 new coworking and shared office spaces across Canada by the year 2019. According to the CEO if IWG Canada, its Canadian expansion has been all about offering choice through an unparalled network of office. Whereas it’s looking forward to opening in all the 9 locations by the end of this year.

As per the reports, Spaces is all set to open 2 coworking spaces in Vancouver, 4 in Toronto, and one-one each in Victoria, Montreal and Kelowna. Although the sizes of all of these workspaces will in between 20,000 to 78,000 square feet. Whereas the largest of all the locations of Spaces, The Well has been located at Front Street Wall in Toronto and is about 1,27,000 square feet and will open by 2022.

Whereas Spaces Green Lamp building all set to open by 2021 in Vancouver is inspired by Japanese artist’s cube lamp design. And the same is spread in approx 1,20,000 square feet.

More Shared Office Spaces to Come up in different locations

Along with Spaces, Regus is also set to expand its existence in Canada by the year 2019. Regus is all set to open 2 new coworking spaces and it will be located in Barrie and Victoria. Although the details regarding its sizes and facilities are yet awaited.

So if you are an entrepreneur and looking out for shared office space in Canada, then Spaces and Regus are coming up with multiple choices of the same by the end of 2019.


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