An Anime Fan? Best Anime You Must Watch

If you are an anime fan and have not the anime mentioned below, it is your great mistake. These anime are not only loved by millions of anime fans all over the world but also receive appraises from professionals.

Death note

Death note is about a batter between a detective and a murder. Source: Manganetworks

Death note has been perceived as the best anime of all time by many anime fans. Even if you are not an anime lover, you might at least one time to hear about this famous anime. This extremely dark anime series was outstandingly successful not only in Japan but also all over the world. The things are not only about its unique story but also about the fresh characters. The amazing things promise to grab your attention from the very first episode.

This unique story is about a boy who wants to turn the world into a place where there is no crime. This 17-year-old boy is about to end criminals with his “death note”. Initially, his purpose is good, his passion is great and his passion towards his goal is considerable. This is the reason why people continue boosting this anime streaming. However, something happens that leaves him to kill an innocent person. It shows that this boy is just an immature kid who is so blind.

And a detective appearing. He is a genius and has a unique style as well as moral values. He decides to find out the murder of these mass cases. The time they meet is when the battle of the two brains breaking out. In the middle of the anime, one dies, leaving anime streaming fans in disillusioned feelings. When the anime comes to an end, it raises a question in anime streaming fans: who is better, between a genius detective and a genius mass-murder?

If you like similar-to-death-note anime streaming, you can watch the series as follow: Monster, Castlevania, Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho-Pass, Anohana, Erased, Case Closed, One-Punch Man, Berserk.

Future diary

Fight to be the survival in Future Diary. Source: Funimation

Ranking the second in the list of best anime for anime streaming is Future Diary (Japanese: Mirai Nikki). If you are an anime streaming lover, this film may be not strange to you. The story is about a high school student named Yukiteru Amano. He is a lonely boy with no passion, no purpose, no dreams and no goals in his life. He just likes writing down everything happens to him in his cell phone as a diary.

One day when he wakes up, he finds that his cell phone is full of diaries for the next 90 days, and he is not the one writing it. However, he does not wonder the reason but just let it go. And the next day, things written in the diaries come true. After that, Yukiteru Amano is forced to enter a survival game, fighting with the 11 other diary holders. The last person to survive will become the new god of time and space. Amazing, right? 

If you like this kind of anime streaming, there are several films that you should spend your time watching, including Btooom1, Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East), Danganronpa: The Animation, Deadman Wonderland, Puela Magi Madoka Magica and Steins; Gate.


One of the best adventure anime of all time. Source: Parliamo Di Videogiochi

Pokémon has been perceived as a legend in the genre of adventure for anime streaming. It has been more than two decades from the very first episode of this incredible anime. From its launch in 1996, Pokémon has generated an approximate of $45 billion in revenue from anime streaming fans all over the world. The revenues come from the anime itself, the films, the games and the merchandise. 

Pokémon, or as we often call it “Pocket Monsters”, attracts audience and readers in different generations. Even today when there are more and more anime in different genres available, children still love this anime and seek the best website for this anime streaming.

Pokémon was introduced in the late 90s when the western culture had a great impact on not only Japanese but also in all over Asia and the world. It was listed in the 1999’s most wonderful releases, together with The Phantom Menace, Notting Hill and The Matrix.

The characters and monsters in the Pokémon will attract you from the very first sight because they look completely fabulous when animated. And in motion, all the action and facial expressions have never been that good. Not many TV shows or anime series can last for more than 1000 episodes, but Pokémon has been doing that. Being launched for more than 20 years with about 1000 episodes, Pokémon still keeps people love anime streaming it with interesting characters, an original plot. It leaves us wondering what will happen in the next episode, which is such a successful animes.

If you have seen all episodes of Pokémon and look a similar one for anime streaming. Here are some recommendations: Ranma 1 /2, Dragon Ball, Magic Knight Rayearth, Granblue Fantasy: The Animation, Log Horizon, Yu-Gi-Oh,…

If you are a newbie in anime streaming, here are the top 3 anime that you must watch, before entering the anime world. If you want more amazing anime, go to for more.


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