Anarkali Suit Trends: What’s Hot In Ethnic Fashion This Season?

Anarkali suits have long been associated with exuding charm and elegance through their regal silhouettes. It is due to their timeless appeal that they have transcended ages and have emerged as a wardrobe essential for Indian women. These suits for women are versatile, functional, and sophisticated.

Variations In The Timeless Anarkali Suits

As time has passed, the classic Anarkali suit has covered itself in modern sensibilities, i.e., there are now several variations in this timeless attire. The diversification of the age-old Anarkali suit is basically done to give a modern touch to the outfit and to cater to emerging trends. In this blog, we’ll learn about some of the Anarkali suit style variations that have stood out from the rest. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Sleeveless Anarkali Suits 

One of the newest trends that we witness at present in Anarkali suits is the sleeveless bodice with a flared hemline. As we already know about the elegance and royal appeal of an Anarkali suit, with sleeveless variation, the functionality of the outfit increases by multiple notches. Look out for a sleeveless Anarkali suit in rich silk blend fabric from Libas, a leading name in the ethnic fashion industry.

Embroidered Floor-Length Anarkali Suits

We know that the heavy flare of an Anarkali suit is its defining feature. To add more drama and appeal to the ensemble, these suits are now available in full length. Floor-length silhouette with elaborate embroidery enhances the traditional charm of the outfit. These embroidered pieces are a must-have for your wardrobe, as they are the perfect pick for any party or celebration.

Printed Anarkali Suits

While an Anarkali suit is a suitable choice to dress up for parties and events, with printed designs, it can also be introduced to your daily wardrobe. At the moment, there is a surge in the number of printed Anarkali suits for women that can be styled for everyday fashion. Varying prints and patterns adorn these elegant Anarkali suits, making them a great everyday wear option.

Anarkali With Diverse Bottoms

When it comes to an Anarkali suit, the most commonly used bottoms are the Churidar pants. However, today, it hasn’t been restricted to only Churidars. We can now see Anarkali suits for women with a varied range of bottoms, such as palazzos, straight-fit trousers, Sharara pants, etc., elevating the finesses of the outfit altogether. For varying body types, choosing the right kind of bottom can work wonders in enhancing one’s appearance.

Summing Up: Embrace Feminine Grace With Anarkali Suits 

Modern styles of Anarkali suits for women serve the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary fashion. This ensemble is the embodiment of panache and class, and if you are someone whose style resonates with this, then you must introduce Anarkali suits to your wardrobe. You can find an impressive collection of stylish Anarkali sets at Libas. From floor-length Anarkali suit sets to Anarkali Sharara sets, there is an attractive assortment just waiting for you. Pick your favourites and build your wardrobe with fascinating Anarkalis.


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