Android Oreo: Top 7 Features You Should Know, Check This Out

It is now official that next Android Operating System is Android Oreo. The version of Android Oreo 8.0 has started rolling out on selected devices and users. In March this year, Android Oreo 8.0 first developer preview was rolled out and in May the second developer preview was launched and in July the last developer version was rolled out. Here are the Top and Must Known 8 Features of Google Android Oreo 8.0 version.

Top 7 Features of Android Oreo

Android Oreo comes with a lot of new features. This update will fulfill all needs of users in terms of performance, notifications, Emoji’s, Bluetooth 5 and much more. So Let’s begin.


With the new operating system Android 8.0 Oreo, users will experience a much faster experience on their smartphone. The new operating system reduces the boot time of the Android smartphone. The performance of the apps is also optimized in the new operating system.

Bluetooth 5 Connectivity

In the Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System, the biggest highlight is Bluetooth 5.0. Android O Operating system supports the Bluetooth 5. It is clearly understood that Bluetooth 5.0 is not available in many phones now. With Bluetooth 5 users can easily transfer and share data four times faster than another Bluetooth version. Also with the new Android 8 Oreo Operating System, it will become easy to connect to wireless headphones and all other wireless Gadgets.

Better Emojis

Emoji in iPhone are different to the emoji in Android, but with the new Android Oreo 8.0 operating system, the emoji will look much same as that of iPhone emojis. The new operating system Android Oreo has the full compatibility with Emoji 5.0.

Smarter and Automatic WiFi

With this new feature, it becomes easy to connect to a known WiFi Network automatically. Earlier many users switch off WiFi when they think that the network is insecure or to save battery. In Android O it allows people to turn off and turn on the WiFi depending on location. You can easily choose when to turn on and turn off WiFi by simply setting it on your known network.

AutoFill Features

Everyone is aware of the Autofill feature. Android Oreo comes with Autofill Feature. With this feature, it will automatically fill data like debit card number, Credit card number, user name, Address in apps. It will save time and user can customize how their data should be automatically filled.

In-App Video Feature

This new feature of Android Oreo allows users to watch any video while working on different apps without closing the app. This is similar to Facebook Messenger messages that pop out in the form of a bubble.

New Notifications Features

In the new operating system, the notifications are improved. Now you can Snooze notifications and can check the missed notifications easily. Now you can preview the notification too without opening the app.

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