Anil Kumble Bows Out As Indian Team’s Coach | Is Kohli To Be Blamed? (Controversy)

As the Indian Cricket Team’s most experienced and remarkable man Anil Kumble stepped down from the position of Team India’s Cricket Coach yesterday, Sunil Gavaskar marked it as one of the saddest day for the Indian Cricket. Anil Kumble has coached the Indian Cricket team to almost 12 victories in about 17 test matches and was doing a tremendous job since his joining as a Head Coach.

But as they say, human nature has so many complexities that are truly hard to understand and cope with. And this became quite literal in the case of Anil Kumble when suddenly he started facing indifferences with the team’s captain Virat Kohli that apparently made the former leave the position of head coaching instructor of the Indian Cricket Team.

Anil Kumble – An Ace Captain To An Expert Coach

Anil Kumble started his journey in the Indian Cricket team in the year 1990 as a “First Class Bowler” at the age of 19. The 46 year old Anil Kumble a.k.a Jumbo proved that he is and extraordinary player in almost 18 astonishing years of his career by taking as much as 619 wickets in Test cricket. Known for holding up a calm and composed disposition on the field the Indian Cricket Team’s Jumbo player received India’s fourth highest civilian honor, Padma Shri in the year 2005 for Excellency in the field of Cricket.

Ranked among the top three wicket takers of all time, Anil Kumble was appointed by the BCCI as the Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team for 1 year and was to leave his position right after the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. India achieved many glorious victories under the coaching of Anil Kumble who taught the team in a professional and honest way and also brought his diverse skills and perspectives at the team’s disposal. Being the Head Coach Kumble took pride and privilege in instructing the current Indian Cricket Team.

Anil Kumble Had Issues With Virat Kohli 

Upon performing really well as the Head Coach of India Anil Kumble received a lot of appreciation from the cricket veterans of India. Even after giving his best to the team Anil Kumble somehow faced some issues with the current Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli. Known for being headstrong and cynical Virat Kohli’s relationship with Anil Kumble hit the rock bottom finally and the Head Coach decided to quit the position even before completing his tenure when the team lost the Indian-Pakistan match in the ICC finals recently.

Kumble confessed that the differences between him and Kohli were increasing day by day and told that his relationship with the Indian Cricket Team’s captain were quite shaky. The BCCI members also tried to settle the issues between the two but were in vain. Anil Kumble felt that the best way to solve the issues is to move on and handover the responsibility to the one who BCCI and CAC consider fit. The Cricket Board of India has not yet decided as to whom they will hand over the responsibility after Anil Kumble and have no idea whether they will find someone as good and loyal as him soon.

Source: TOI


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