Ankur Chandrakant is an Award Winning Cyber Security & Forensic Expert Who’s Making India Proud

How would you feel to know that you can now secure your digital space? Yes, now you can do it easily and seamlessly with the help of Ankur Chandrakant.

Ankur Chandrakant is a worldwide renowned expert in digital forensic science and cyber security. On top of that, he has won a number of awards in the field of digital forensics and cyber security. Ankur shared his thoughts about the digital world, that how it has made users’ life easier but also has some bad effects associated to it. “There is no doubt in the fact that everything is much easier now, just a click away and you can get anything, talk to anyone and what not. But is it secure? No, the digital world is not secure at all. Our personal digital accounts can also be easily hacked just as much with a click”, said Ankur Chandrakant.

Generally, these things happen with celebrities, as their social media accounts get hacked and they don’t know how to handle it or how to recover and secure it. He has helped numerous celebrities to maintain their privacy and security in the digital space. He is helping numerous Digital Creators and other influencers by online training and making them self-reliant in keeping their social media and digital space safe. He is doing his part by free-of-cost cyber counseling and cyber sessions through his platform, saving people from getting their accounts hacked on social media and the digital world.

Other than saving the country from cyber threats Ankur Chandrakant is also into the entertainment and media industry as a producer. Under Listed Media Productions, he has three web series in the progress, one on cybercrime and cyber terrorism (All Indian cast); the production will resume in June 2022, after being stalled due to the pandemic.

Ankur hasn’t stopped here. He is also into the world of Crypto, where he owns assets worth $9.4 million. He is working on taking the amount of money up to $30 million.

Ankur Chandrakant is not stopping at anything and is always up to something new and helping people around him.


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