Anti-Stalking Teams To Be Formed By Mohali Police To Ensure Women Safety

Well, after the Varnika Kundu case, women have got a little inspired to raise their voice against crime. To give a boost to women security and to add to the nightmarish experience of the stalkers, the Mohali Police have pulled-up their sleeves. The Mohali police are all set to kill the nip in the bud by forming anti-stalking teams in Mohali to ensure women safety in the city.

Why the anti-stalking team?

The development, to form anti-stalking team in Mohali by the Mohali police came after the increasing number of crime against women in the Tricity. The district police have decided to form the anti-stalking teams that will ensure women safety in the city by deploying the team at prone areas. These anti-stalking teams formed by the Mohali Police will remain present at the busy markets especilly during the peak hours in the morning as well as evenings. Besides male constables and officers, these anti-stalking teams will also include women constables. It was reported that these women constables, a part of the anti-stalking teams will remain present at the busy markets in plain clothes. These women constables will mix up with the general public to keep close eye on the stalkers.

Team to be formed immediately after the Dera Chief’s verdict

It was reported that most of the Police force is deployed due to ensure law and order in the state in view of the sensitivity of the verdict in Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s alleged sexual assault case. The Mohali police were to raise the anti-stalking teams last week but after witnessing the worsening situation in the state due to the number of followers heading towards Panchkula, the entire Police force was deployed in different parts of the Mohali district. The anti-stalking teams will be formed and put in action once the force is back after the verdict.

Where will the anti-stalking teams be deployed?

According to a report, the women police personnel who will be part of the anti-stalking team, would be deployed in places, especially markets, that attract a large number of visitors. As of now, it has been decided to deploy these women police personnel at the markets in Phase 3B2, Phase 7 and Phase 5.

The reason to kick-start the endeavour to ensure women safety with the help of the anti-stalking team from these market is that the markets in Phase 3B2, Phase 7 and Phase 5 of Mohali are one of the busiest markets in the city and have the some of the oldest eating joints. With ample options, most of the women visit these markets for their everyday requirements. Being highly crowded, these places are vulnerable to crimes such as sexual harassment, stalking, eve-teasing et al.

Precautionary measures 

With mere two stalking cases registered in the last seven months in Mohali, it was reported, that forming the anti-stalking squad is being done as a precautionary measure to keep any such incidents at bay. With new women recruits in the Police force, it will be easy to scatter the anti-stalking teams in the markets in a group of two team members. Trouble makers will be identified by these agents who will be given cover by the back-up teams in the PCR vehicles. To ensure the safety of the women police personnel the PCR vehicles will be located within 100 metres from these team members so that immediate assistance can be provided to the squad members if anything goes wrong.

Source: The Indian Express 


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