Is Your Apple iPhone 6s Slow? | Apple Admits Doing That On Purpose

Apple iPhone 6s is more than two years old now and chances are your phone has gotten too slow after the iOS 11 update. You know how we know it? Well apparently Apple has admitted that they have been deliberately doing that to your phones in order to save battery. One of the users on the internet shared a screenshot of the processing speed of his Apple iPhone 6s which was clocked to 600MHz on an older battery and 1400MHz when he switched a new battery.

What is the issue with your Apple iPhone 6s?

If you buy an extremely overpriced product like Apple iPhone 6s for somewhere close to 60,000 rupees in India then you might be looking to keep it for a year or two. But apparently, Apple does not want you to do that and it had the processors of your phones running slow ‘to save battery’. This is not something that the company has said all by itself but was forced after a bunch of users accused it of deliberately slowing down their phones.

Apple iPhone 6s was two years ago and the company might have made a huge profit out of it but it has moved on to pricier phones like the iPhone X now. We can all argue if the company was doing that to save your battery or it is just an excuse to save itself after getting caught but the truth is Apple intends to keep on doing that in future as well including your existing iPhone 6s.

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How the Apple iPhone 6s slowing issue came to light?

The issue came to light when a user with Apple iPhone 6s posted two screenshots showing the processor speed on his phone. When he felt that his phone was slowing down after the iOS 11 update he found out that the processor clocked in at 600MHZ and soon after replacing the battery it switched to a speed of 1400MHz.

A lot of Apple users including owners of other iPhones than the 6s have complained of the same issue and have lent weight to the whole matter.

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