Confirmed – iPhone 8 To Be Launched on Sept 12, 2017 | Check Price & What’s New

iPhone 8, the launch that had the worlds’ eyes on it and now it’s confirmed that the launch of Apple’s new baby, iPhone 8 shall be done on September 12, 2017 this year. Taking the entire world by storm, iPhone 8 is the latest addition to all the clan of iPhone series that is available across the continents around the globe. Manufactured by Apple, the most trusted brand of smartphone manufacturers, iPhone 8 release date confirmation has brought a sigh of relief to all those who were eagerly awaiting the global launch of iPhone 8.

Apple’s iPhone 8 | Confirmed Launch Date & Details

It is not wrong to say that we are just a few weeks away from the official launch of the Apple’s new beauty, iPhone 8’s global launch. The launch date of Apple iPhone 8 which was earlier speculated now has been confirmed to be on September 12, 2017 this year. Furthermore, it is added that iPhone 8 shall be made available to go online for sale by September 22, 2017 this year.

Apple iPhone 8 which is the latest addition to the Apple family earlier has been speculated to have a delayed unveiling in the month of September 2017 due to the incorporation of latest features in the iPhone 8. This was done due to celebrations of having the tenth anniversary of Apple as the manufacturer of iPhone series.

Apple’s iPhone 8 | Price, Features & Specifications

Apple iPhone 8 proudly boasts of incorporation of amazing features in the latest smartphone manufactured by Apple for its global fans. The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have a 5.8″ OLED display system induced in it along with the vertical dual camera feature which is quite rare. The beautifully designed colour combination of steel and glass in black color is simply a treat to eyes.

The best feature that Apple iPhone 8 shall have is the 3D facial recognition unlock pattern employed to unlock the smartphone screen of Apple iPhone 8. Estimated to be priced at around $1000, Apple iPhone 8 shall have the highest skyrocketing price as compared to any other smartphone available in the league.

Well, as far as the biggest manufacturers of smartphone industries are concerned, there is no official announcement that has been made pertaining to the features and specifications of Apple iPhone 8. The estimated price range is also a mere speculation as of now till Apple makes an official statement about its newbie Apple iPhone 8 after its global launch which is a highly awaited event at a global level.

Source: IndianExpress


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