Apple iPhone X Successor (2018) To Come With Dual SIM & 5G Support

Apple’s iPhones might have been the most popular bunch of smartphones in the world including India but there are way too many limitations of features which lead to a lot of people ditching the iPhone for another smart phone. One of the most missed out features along with Bluetooth file transfer is the lack of Dual SIM Support. South Asian markets like India and China are major dual SIM smartphone buyers and the lack of it in the Apple iPhone X just loses its appeal for a lot of people.

Apple readying an iPhone X successor that will come with dual SIM functionality.

Apple is finally acknowledging the missing features in phones like the iPhone X like dual SIM support that is crucial to markets like China and India. The reports suggest that a dual SIM offering on the iPhone X successor might be on the cards. Since its Apple, it is obvious it wants to outdo other manufacturers in the game by doing it better.

Since the famous Qualcomm-Apple fallout the Cupertino giant is looking to Intel to develop dual standby modems which will have LTE connectivity simultaneously on both the SIM cards. Another piece of the leak also suggests that the Apple iPhone X successor will be 5G compatible thanks to the Intel chip. 5G will become a norm in major markets by 2019 and Qualcomm already has unveiled the Snapdragon 636 that will offer 5G compatibility to mid-range smart phones in future.

Apple iPhone X successor will offer dual SIM standby with LTE.

Unlike most phones these days Apple iPhone X successor in 2018 will feature dual standby mode where both the SIM cards can work on LTE simultaneously. This is great news for Indian buyers who have two JIO SIM cards which do not work on 3G or 2G network. Apart from the 2018 successor of Apple iPhone X most major manufacturers offer 4G+3G or 4G+2G compatibility.

Apple will release three iPhones in 2018 which will all have the bezel-less display like the iPhone X and we just hope Apple gets rid of the top notch that cuts into the screen of the iPhone X.

Source: NDTV

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