Apple iPhones in India To Get More Costly | Know Why?

Apple iPhones in India are all set to burn a bigger hole in your pockets in the future. Indian Government has increased the tax for importing mobile phones from 10% to 15% which means that smartphone manufacturers who had no manufacturing facilities here in India will increase the prices of their products. Courtesy the ‘Make In India’ program, the Government wants to levy heavy taxes on companies that do not manufacture their products in India. iPhone in India is one of the most premium smartphones which have been a symbol of royalty already.

Apple iPhones were already sold at higher prices

Apple iPhones in India might be getting dearer but they were not exactly cheap in past either. The iPhone X that the company sells in India is priced at 89,000 Rupees whereas the same phone in the US comes with an asking price of 64,800. The same iPhones in India might get a price increase of 5% since the Indian Government has increased the import tax on them from 10% to 15%. This will translate to iPhones in India getting a price increase in the future but in long-term Apple might look to have its own manufacturing facilities with its usual partners like Foxconn in India.

Apple iPhone SE is manufactured in India already but no other smartphone from the company is made at this facility and come to India via imports. If Apple does set up a manufacturing facility here, the prices of iPhones in India might further decrease from what they are now.

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iPhones not the only Apple products to see a price hike:

The Indian Government might have increased the tax on iPhones in India from 10% to 15% but they haven’t spared other products either. The import tax on video cameras has been changed from 10% to 15% and on televisions has doubled to 20% from 10%. There is no word on the increased taxes on other Apple products besides iPhones in India like laptops, all in one desktops, etc.

One of the most expensive manufacturers Apple just launched its iMac Pro series which will come to India priced between 4,16,000-8,46,000 aimed at professional users.

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