Apple Launches Homepod & Here’s How it Compares With Amazon Echo & Google Home

Apple introduces the all new HomePod Intelligent Speaker that has in-built Siri that listens to your commands, controls home, plays music and answer questions. To be launched in the continents of UK , US and Australia first the HomePod speakers will cost no less than $349/Rs 22,340. The Apple’s HomePod is similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home but definitely much advanced and extravagant than both. Apple has claimed that HomePod speakers will give a far better listening experience as compared to its other competitors in the market. Incorporated with the famous Apple Siri, the smart speakers will surely be in high demand in the market. Launching in the month of December it will be intriguing to know whether HomePod will be able to replace the already famous Google Home and Amazon Echo from the tabletops of the people or not.

Apple HomePod- Design & Experience

The Siri Enabled Smart Speaker HomePod wakes up to its functioning upon listening “Hey, Siri”,i.e. when you say “Hey Siri!” the speakers come alive. The Apple marketing experts have said promisingly that with HomePod we can enjoy great sound at any level.

The Specs & Features of Apple HomePod:

  • Dimension:
    • 6.8 inch x 5.6 inch
    • Weighs 2.5 kg
  • Wireless:
    • 802.11 Wifi with MIMO
    • AirPlay 2 with multi room speaker support
  • Storage- Upoto 40 million songs
  • Encrusted with Seamless Mesh Fabric
  • Responds to touch too
  • Colors available- Space Gray and White
  • The Apple HomePod will break the audio adequacy barrier
  • Emitting accurate sound the HomePod frees itself from sound distortion
  • Can listen to both casual and high bass or pitched music
  • HomePod has a 7-tweeter(high frequency loudspeakers) beam forming array
  •  A 4 inch, front facing subwoofer
  • HomePod is integrated with an iPhone A8 chip
  • The smart speaker adapts to the sound quality according to the room size automatically
  • Not for an average listener.

Apple HomePod vs Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has gained the trust of its users since the date it was launched on November 6, 2014. Priced at Rs 22,600, the smart speakers Echo have tons of features and you can direct these speakers to do any task from ordering pizza to calling a cab. Like “Siri”, Amazon’ Echo has “Alexa” that listens and answers to you commands.If we talk about Echo it wins over with its great functionality from Apple HomePod. The Echo has great features and specs in its core:

  • The Amazon’s Echo is 9.25 inches tall
  • Can control smart devices
  • Performs well even in the area with low internet connectivity
  • Has WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Upto 4GB storage space
  • The device is capable of
    • voice interaction
    • music playback
    • making to-do lists
    • setting alarms,
    • streaming podcasts,
    • playing audiobooks,
    • and providing weather, traffic and
    • other real time information

Apple HomePod Vs Google Home

Released in the month of November 2016 the Google Home smart speakers is yet another product in the same category that has almost the same features as Echo and Homepod. The only difference is of the cost the Google Home is priced much low than Apple Homepod and costs around Rs 13,500. The Google Home has:

  • Intelligent personal speaker “Google Assistant”
  • 5.62 inch x 3.79 inch (96 millimetres) in diameter
  • It weighs 480 grams
  • Capacitive Touch Panel at the top surface
  • The Google Home give personalized response
  • Recognizes the voice of the user
  • Has Google Chromecast feature
  • Integrated with both in-house and third-party services
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

Check out the official teaser launched by Apple Inc. for HomePod below.

Source: Cnet


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