Apple Launches Wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric Pad & Here’e All You’d Like to Know

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is the latest and youngest member that is brought into the Apple family. It has a Numeric Keypad unlike all its previous versions. Boasting of a great sleek design to create a typing experience that is worth drooling over, Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Pad is one latest up gradation in the gadgets and devices that Apple has launched recently. Let us take a look as to what this Apple’s baby is in store for Apple lovers all over the world.

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Pad: Highlights

Apple’s latest keyboard has a numeric keypad in it which it was previously lacking in all the models of the devices released by the world’s most sought after company. Here are a few highlights of the Apple’s latest wireless keyboard with numeric pad.

  • Works on both the Operating Systems of  Mac and Windows
  • Earlier wireless keyboards never had a numeric keypad
  • In case the Numeric Keypad is required, wired keyboard had to be bought
  • Apple’s Wireless Numeric Keypad is one of its kinds in the launch
  • Quick Scrolling due to document navigation facility available in it
  • Gaming Experience intensified due to full-sized arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Scissor mechanism built in the system for stabilised keyboard mechanisms
  • Newest feature of numeric keypad incorporated for that extraordinary experience
  • Battery which is rechargeable in nature is long lasting upto 30-days or more than that

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Pad

The launch of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with an in-built numeric keypad on it adds onto your typing experience which grows manifold when you use Apple’s keyboard. Apple never fails to amaze its fans with the latest gadgets and devices that it launches into the world. Costing a meagre $30 over the previously launched keypad, Apple’s Wireless Magic Keyboard with a numeric Keypad costs around $ 129 for those who want to possess the newbie in their hives! With such great features mentioned above, the white coloured sleek design is simply worth shelling out bucks for.

You won’t mind burning your pockets to fulfil your desire of owning the Apple’s latest wireless keyboard with an in-built numeric keypad in it which simply adds a feather to the cap!!!

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