Apply for SBI Credit Cards at Finserv MARKETS

The State bank of India, a reputed banking institution, offers a host of credit cards suited to every purpose from fuel spending to travel purchases. With SBI credit cards, you get a plethora of rewards and offers as you spend. It is easy to  apply for SBI credit card online and it is quick and convenient, especially if you do it at Finserv MARKETS. 

About SBI credit cards

SBI credit cards are matched with customers of this new age of technology. With fantastic rewards and minimal charges, SBI cards offer customers superb incentives and convenient ways to apply for cards. Whichever cards you choose, you get discounts and offers in categories of shopping and dining, to air miles, while you swipe. SBI cards are the most popular cards to apply for. SBI credit card use is chosen over many other credit cards for cards matching every spending pattern. 

How to apply for SBI credit cards

At Finserv MARKETS,  you can compare great SBI cards like the SBI SimplyCLICK Card or the SBI Card PRIME, and easily apply for one online. Here are the steps you should follow: 

  1. Go to the site of Finserv MARKETS. 
  2. Browse and compare different cards from SBI.
  3. Select a card that suits your requirements and spending behaviour.
  4. Fill in some details on a form.
  5. Submit the form and if you are eligible, you will be approved for an SBI credit card. 

Rewards and offers on SBI credit cards

Every SBI card gives you SBI credit card offers that are distinctive depending on the cards and categories you select. As a result, it is important to do your research about any given SBI card before you make your choice. Here are some of the various offers you get on famous SBI credit cards: 

  • Travel – You get cashback offers on hotel stays at hotels like the Trident. You can also earn air miles when you book domestic flights.
  • Lifestyle – Offers at outlets like Mamaearth await you with an SBI credit card, with discounts and cashback as you make purchases.
  • Education – Some SBI credit cards are tied to educational resource sites and you can get offers of discounts on such resources when you swipe your SBI card. 
  • Health – The SBI credit card gives you offers at 1mg on prescription medication as well as discounts on other health portals. 

Apart from offers that are tied to SBI credit cards, you can benefit from SBI card reward points that are specific to various individual cards. These give you the opportunity to redeem points in the future, letting you save while you spend. Here are some great rewards from key SBI credit cards: 

  • SBI SimplySAVE Card – You get 10 x reward points while dining, grocery shopping and spending at department stores.
  • SBI Card PRIME – 20 reward points are earned for every Rs. 100 spent on standing instructions of utility bill payments. 
  • SBI SimplyCLICK Card – With this card, you get 5 x rewards with all online spending. 
  • SBI Card ELITE – You can earn a maximum of 50,000 bonus reward points equal to Rs. 12,500 annually with this superior SBI card. 

Finserv MARKETS and SBI Cards

Finserv MARKETS has the ideal SBI credit card for you. You won’t regret getting one from here as you have many ways to save while you spend with one of the industry’s best credit cards.


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