5 Famous Architects in Noida with Their Contact Details & Portfolio

Noida is a home to many successful Architect and Interior Designing firms. As said by Julia Morgan, Architecture is a visual art, and buildings speak for themselves. This is what defines the importance of an architect in constructing a building. With the best talent and skills of making any place look like your dream place, architects are perfect in converting the vision in reality. There are many architects in Noida, but choosing out of the best and most trusted ones is very important. Some architects located in Noida have been recognized for their keen and exquisite work and perfect structural vision. A dream is what we see and an art is what Architect brings to reality. With this, we here are sharing the list of some renowned and most famous architects based in Noida.

Architects in Noida Who are Renowned for their Talent and Portfolio

Noida is the one City that is quite famous for housing brilliant structures, the major role behind this is the availability of the talented architects in the city. Being in Noida finding an Architect is not a struggling task, but getting the right one is. Here below is the list of some of the famous architects located in Noida that can help you build what you desire perfection in it. If the builder is the heart of the construction, an Architect is a painter that paints the image of the place the way you desire.

Chaukor Studio, Noida 

Location – Sector 65, C -15, C Block, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Contact – 078350 00239

Website – https://www.chaukorstudio.com/

The search for many for an architect has ended here when they came to Chaukor Studio. With the best team of professional architects based in Noida, this studio is quite famous for constructing the magnificent buildings. Being renowned for constructing regenerative designs for offices, residencies as well as public and institutional layouts, this architecture and interior designing firm is one of the best places to find architects in Noida. The facts that make this place reliable is their efforts to bring forth the user-centric approach along with the unique aesthetics. Looking at their past work, they have been renowned fairly as the keen and sightful vision of their team has brought to the city many remarkable buildings.

Portfolio of Chukor Studio, Noida – Portfolio

Orionn Architects

Office Location – A-17 Basement, Sector 48, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Contact Number –  098105 97776

Website Address – http://www.orionnarchitects.com/

Orionn Architects is one of the best architecture firms of Noida that is also famous for the interior designing work. With the team of the talented and experienced architects of Noida, they have made themselves in the list of best architects of the city. Their talents extend far from the residential architecture and go to master planning, landscape architecture, and public and private workspaces. The fine part of this firm is the willingness to build something recognizable. The motto of this firm is to bring the scales of imagination and fold them into reality for people to nourish the idea. The work they have done clearly depicts their ideology of constructing stand-alone designs.

RBA, Architects in Noida 

Office Address –  B-33, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Mobile Number – 098105 40684

Web Address – http://www.rba.net.in/

RBA Architects, Raghvendra Bisen Architects is the one architecture firm in the city of Noida that is famous for producing the innovative and extensive structures. With the thought that the designing is a problem-solving phase, the team of talented architects in Noida working at RBA has managed to bring forth some of the magnificent architectural designs. As the time is progressing, the thinking and the perspective of the people regarding the architecture is also changing. This changing perspective towards the architect is what is focused on by this remarkably talented firm of architects and interior designers. With the wide list of services, this firm has held on all the areas of architecture be it Commercial space design, residential designs, hospitality, industrial, institutional, or green building.

Spatium Architects, Noida 

Address – H-131, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Contact – 098116 23694

Website – http://spatium.co.in/

Having earned their name of this list, Spatium Architects of Noida are considered as one of the prominent team of architects and interior designers. Focused on the belief of bringing to the customers their desired plan, the team here at Spatium is quite efficient in their skills. Operating since 1989, the firm has adapted to all generation design ideas to get their customer the perfect understanding of the design. The team at Spatium is highly talented and the work they have done is amazing. So, if you are looking for one of the trusted and most experienced architects in Noida this might be it.

You can go through their portfolio and decide on your own whether they are really deserving or not – Portfolio

Space Designers International

Location – B 34, Sector 67 Road, Block B, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Contact Number – 097116 33717

Web Address – http://www.spacedi.com/

Operating on the belief of making the best architectural designs, Space Designers International has earned their name with their talent and hard work. Extending their vision to build something worth remembering is what the team at space designers focuses on. Operating for more than a decade, the Space Designers International has now become one of the trusted architectural firms in Noida. The keen thought of the firm relies on the notion that the space around us has a strong influence on people and with this thought the architects working at this firm believe in understanding the customer’s demands before providing the solution.

Check their Portfolio and the skills of these architects will be out to review- Portfolio

These are some of the renowned and famous architects in Noida that can bring the best solution to your architectural needs. With the skilled architects, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. So, grab your phone and contact these fine architects of Noida to help you build the building be it residential or commercial with perfection. We hope that this list of Noida based architects will be helpful to you.


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