Are You Moving To Canada: What To Expect?

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. First and foremost is deciding which province or city will be your new home. The next consideration is whether or not your occupation figures in the Canadian Priority Occupations List (CPOL), which means that you will face barriers when trying to get jobs in Canada. And then there’s also the financial aspect: will you be able to bear the costs?

We’ve put together this guide so that we can help you make an informed decision about moving to Canada with confidence!

Does your occupation figure in the Canadian Priority Occupations List?

You may have heard Canadians can’t apply for jobs in the United States. This is true, but it’s important to remember that plenty of jobs are available south of the border. Over 60 million people are living in the United States, and they need professionals like you! If you’re looking to work outside Canada, check out our list of priority occupations:

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers

To be eligible for employment with these professions outside Canada, your occupation must appear on the Canadian Priority Occupations List (CPOL) or International Experience Canada (IEC). Both lists include occupations that require at least six months of experience within a specific field after graduation from college or university.

Are you financially sound enough to bear the costs of immigrating to Canada?

Are you financially sound enough to bear the costs of immigrating to Canada?

If you are, then it’s time to move on! If not, other ways can help make your life easier in Canada.

The amount of money needed varies depending on the situation and circumstances surrounding each person’s immigration process. For example:

Suppose you have a family member willing to sponsor your immigration application. In that case, their income needs will likely be higher than if they were funding themselves or someone else without any family support system. 

Weigh your options carefully

When weighing your options, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of living in Canada. Let’s weigh the options and see the pros and cons of living in Canada:

  •  You’ll need to ensure that you have enough money to live comfortably while you’re there.
  • You should also weigh the benefits of moving over here versus staying where you are now. If possible, it is best to stay put until after your visa has been processed by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). 
  • Decide on the province and city where you want to settle in. Before you set foot in Canada, deciding on the province and city where you want to settle in is essential.
  •  The size of a country can be daunting for newcomers, but with some research and planning, there’s no reason any new Canadian shouldn’t feel at home within a few months of arrival!
  • Also, knowing the kind of lifestyle and climate if it suits your comfort should be researched. 
  • You will want to be prepared for the move. Your first step should be creating a well-laid plan for transportation and housing.
  • For your stay, you can rent an apartment in Canada if you don’t have one yet. You can also choose between renting rooms at houses or condos where there are already people living there with whom you can share your space.

How compatible is Canada’s education system with that of your country?

You might have heard that Canada has a different education system than India. The Canadian education system is based on a different curriculum, so you must adapt your teaching methods and materials accordingly.

You should expect the following differences:

  • A more focused approach to learning includes more practical knowledge, communication, and critical thinking skills.
  • A curriculum with less emphasis on rote memorization is important for teachers in both countries to use games and hands-on activities when teaching their students new material. Canada has one of the best quality education around the world. And getting admitted to a good University in Canada can give you the best exposure and future. LeapScholar can help you choose a career according to your goals and interests. LeapScholar offers personalized guidance and counselling customized to your career choice.

How compatible is the culture of Canada with that of your country?

Canadian culture is very different from Indian culture, so it will be difficult for you to adapt if you don’t know how to do so. Here are some things that can help:

  • Know about Canadian history and geography. This will definitely give you an idea of what kind of living environment Canada has and how many people live here compared with India or other countries in Asia or Africa.
  • Learn some basic phrases in English (e.,g., hello). This will help you communicate better with people around you while travelling around Canada!


We’ve walked you through all the steps of immigrating to Canada and outlined some key things you need to remember before making your decision. Now that you know what to expect, why not plan for 2023? The best way to find the right university and scholarship for you is to research and find a university that matches your career choice. But what if you are provided with the right expertise at every step of your application process, from research to admission?LeapScholar connects you with the industry’s best counsellors who guide you with the right information. Leap Scholar admitted 5000+ students with a 97% success rate till now. Come, take a leap towards your study abroad journey with industry experts. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the better your chance of successfully settling in this new country!


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