Criminal Case Filed Against Arnab Goswami For His Programmes on Republic TV

In news for all the reasons right and wrong, Arnab Goswami is creating headlines again in the media. Former bosses of Arnab Goswami have filed a criminal case against the media tycoon for the “violation of intellectual property rights” when he was previously working with a big shot media house BCCL. After taking the Indian media by storm, Arnab Goswami has landed himself in a thick soup as even the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) goes forth in saying that “TRAI’s” broadcasting rules have been severely violated by the Republic TV’s founder Arnab Goswami.

Why Criminal Case against Arnab Goswami ?

Filing a criminal case against the founder and anchor of Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, his former employers accuse him and another reporter from Times Now, Prema Sridevi for infringement of copyrights. Here are the other acquisitions made by the Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd. along with NBA’s complaints.

  • Infringement of copyrights when the duo was working for their previous employer BCCL
  • Registered complaint made is on the grounds of theft, criminal breach of trust by BCCL
  • Charges also include property misappropriation and IPR infringement of BCCL
  • NBA’s charges include registration of Republic TV channel under various genre
  • Multiple registrations result in the violation of broadcasting rules by TRAI
  • NBA has demanded TRAI to intervene and check ‘unethical distribution practices’ of Arnab’s Republic TV
  • Allegations made by NBA even though Republic TV is still not a member of the community

What Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd has to say?

Filing a case against the media tycoon Arnab Goswami in Azad Maidan Police Station, Mumbai, BCCL accuses Arnab of theft. They have a plea that Arnab and previous anchor of Times Now Prema Sridevi had the tapes of all the conversations to reveal the scams out in public via Republic TV in possession when they were working with their previous employers. They deliberately acquired all the matter which now they air in their own names via their newly launched media production Republic TV. The material possessed by the duo was used multiple times which got broadcasted via their own media production while the assets belonged to BCCL.

What is Republic TV’s take on the issue?

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Republic TV finds the news shocking because he states other media houses which are existing members of NBA too air their stuff via dual feeds.
  • The marketing gimmick or tool is evidently and openly employed by all especially during the election times. Republic TV which has applied for the membership of NBA.
  • NBA is a representative council of all the private TV news channels.
  • Though their existing members continue to do the same, Republic TV which is not even the member of the council has been kept under the scrutiny for flouting the ‘so-called’ norms of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI).

Let us wait and watch what the verdict reveals because the issue is so sensitive that any prior speculations and judgements before any official statement confirm the conclusion would be hazardous. Another title for “Republic TV” though which may or may not be a culprit but would definitely fetch more viewership and TRPs post the recent allegations.

Source: OneIndia

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