7 Reasons Why Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is Taking Indian Media by Storm

Arnab Goswami – The power-packed media fella who simply took Indian media by storm with the launch of his channel ‘ Republic TV’ is in news these days. The ripple effect continued to stir the motion between controversies that he touched upon in his career in the previous years with greater insights and intensified depths this time.

Arnab Goswami is hated by millions and loved even by gazillions. We don’t love him neither do hate him, but he is definitely one fellow who is renowned and has a say with his Republic TV’s launch.

So, here we are presenting before you a list of 7 reasons as to why Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV has shaken off many from their composed state.

1. D(B)ashing Style

Yeah, with those big nerdy frames resting over his little geeky face of a child, the dashing media personality Arnab Goswami is renowned for his being a style icon for many geeks out there. He justifies his role as a media person and maintains a humble fashion sense. Now, that’s what we call a “perfect balance” of things.

2. Arnab Goswami’s Bold Media

Arnab’s statements in the talk shows like “Nation wants to know” are demanding, command answers like anything and simply bags him what we call as good TRP’s. What else does a media person in the industry needs? His Bold Media has taken his contemporaries by storm who could still only dream if being bold.

3. Arnab’s perfect balance

He is hated by most in the country and mind you equally loved by many for simply the way he is. Ladies and Gentlemen, make way for him and let us address the big shot personality in the house, “Arnab Goswami.”

4. He Knows it all

Arnab knows it all. Omnipresent in the media industry he knows what is happening right next in your house with sitting miles away from you. His strong trusted network and sources that none knows about, this man is surely “custom-made” for Indian Media.

5. The Scam News Reporter

Arnab has bagged the title “Scam News Reporter” because unlike others delivering half raw, half cooked stories, Arnab Goswami delivers justice to what he says and has a logic in what he portrays. Now, a title well deserved one, Isn’t it?

6. Arnab Goswami says it all

We know he knows it all. But what’s wrong with Indian media is that they do not speak up even by being a part of the scam. This guy, breaks the irony and paradox and juggles to get the facts out in a jiffy. Arnab says it all with conviction and without fear. No matter he has many rivals but that’s okay!

7. Arnab Goswami – A media brand

In a few years of his entry into the media industry, Arnab Goswami has carved a niche for himself and made himself more than a public figure. He is a brand in the media industry now. So, when in doubt , leave it out on Arnab. When he says something, it becomes a fact. That’s the status and power he enjoys of branding!

He is unbiased yet honest. He rules the media but is till honest. He flies off the brand chair but is grounded. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us address the media tycoon who has led many behind the bars and is on a strong mission to not leave out any culprit out in the open. Keep away from the eyes that “eye” you all the time because Arnab is back and this time with his own media house of “Republic TV” to expose it all.

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