Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV Goes Live & Here’s All You Need to Know About This New TV Channel

Republic TV is here and it is stirring the entire media industry with the launch of Arnab Goswami’s home media house. The “Prime Time” Newshour anchor known for his fierce debates Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV is the talk of the entire nation today. Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV which went live on Saturday has created a buzz along the lengths and breadths of the entire nation which looks forward to take on the national interest of common people on air.  The media messiah of India is back and this time with a BANGGGG !!!

About Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV

In a first-of its kinds approach to incorporate topics of “National Interests without any bias”, Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV strives forth to cater to the notion with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. With its signalling colour scheme of vermillion red and yellow, the news pattern and layout seems like that of any other leading news channels of our country. Flashing breaking hour news and debating forums for all the issues, Goswami’s news channel’s most awaited launch happened with a bang. Undying vigour and vitality shown by the “fans” that Arnab Gowasmi has, it is not wrong to say that the home media production of the Arnab Gowasmi is a blessing in disguise for many.

With great support shown by the audience, the channel’s live streaming went on from 10:00 am onwards on a social media platform “HotStar Live” by virtue of which Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV aims to get 90 million+ views.

Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV starts with a Bang!

Yes, that’s true. In the first live streaming only, Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV releases tapes of conversation of Lalu Prasad Yadav with the dreaded criminal Shahabuddin. Now, this was a blow to the nation. With its first video showcasing content with a #LaluTapeExposed, the big blow shook the entire nation off from its complacency. If the very first video had the capacity to created ripple effect in the entire nation, one can imagine what Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV has in store for all of us in future in its kitty.

Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV – The Nation Finally Knows 

Previously, being criticised for using the term, “The Nation Wants to Know” repeatedly, Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV finally justified the entire scenario. Making sure that the “Nation Finally Knows”, Republic TV’s launch by Arnab simply takes it toll from those who genuinely deserve. With utmost humility and genuine concern, Arnab thanked his viewers who believed in him through the times of need. With his outstanding achievement of launching the “Free-to-air” channel Republic TV, Arnab Goswami has deep down has restored our faith in media which so-called “influential people” used to play with like they are toys and puppets in the hands of them.

Keeping a close watch and carefully scrutinising everything in detail,  Arnab Gowasmi’s Republic TV seems promising and we all welcome the move.

Source: Indian Express

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