‘Zameer’ – Arsh Benipal and Harsimran’s Latest Punjabi Song 2017 | Official Video

It’s November 19th and Aarsh Benipal’s fans can finally rejoice now. His latest Punjabi song ‘Zameer’ along with Harsimran has landed on YouTube and is already making waves. The new song has huge production values and rides on the success of the thug Punjabi songs in the industry these days. The song Zameer by Aarsh Benipal is available to download here.

Aarsh Benipal and HArsimran’s new Punjabi song ‘Zameer’

The latest Punjabi song ‘Zameer’ by Aarsh Benipal and Harsimran might have been under huge pressure from their fans who were wating for the song to land on YouTube since the teaser dropped out. We believe the latest Punjabi song could not re create the success of Aarsh Benipal’s previous works. ‘Zameer’ is still a good song though but no ‘Rang Sanwala is ‘Gucci’. The music for the latest song is given by Prince Saggu and does little to less to change the song’s destiny. Aarsh Benipal and Harsimran’s vocals are pretty much the best part of the song and keep the listener interested throughout. The lyrics for latest Punjabi song 2017 ‘Zameer’ are written by P.S. chauhan and are well knitted. The hook “Jatt othe ni billo salam karde, jithe mane na zameer goriye” is the best part of the lyrics. The new Punjabi song ‘Zameer’ by Aarsh Benipal is available to download on most major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Gooogle Play Music, Saavn, and Wynk Music.

The video of latest Punjabi song ‘Zameer’ is the best thing about it.

Aarsh Benipal and Harsimran’s latest Punjabi song of 2017 ‘Zameer’ comes with an amazingly shot video by Team DG. The production values of the video are really high and post production work has been done to perfection. Aarsh Benipal and Harsimran both appear in the video of ‘Zameer’ and provide it with the style quotient. The video tells the story of two individuals who get to the insides of a huge gang in order to take them down The latest song ‘Zameer’ might not b as good as Aarsh Benipal’s previous works but it will eventually find its audience. Watch the full official video here below:

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