Chandigarh Seeks Liquor Ban Relaxation Just As Punjab Did It

It was reported, that Chandigarh MP (A Member of Parliament) Kirron Kher, has come up in the support of restaurateurs and hoteliers and has written to the UT administrator to protect the interest of the restaurants and hotels located within 500 metres of the national highway and state highway in Chandigarh.

Liquor ban relaxation in Chandigarh 

According to the reports, the Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher has written to UT administrator V.P. Singh Badnore to implement the liquor ban policy in Chandigarh as well on the lines of Punjab Government. It must be noted that following the Supreme Court of India’s decision to ban liquor within 500 metres of the national highway and state highway the hospitality industry across the country was hit hard. Most of the restaurants in Sector 43, Sector 35 and on the Madhya Marg were majorly hit by the SC’s decision.

Kirron Kher’s Letter 

In her letter, as per reports, MP Chandigarh, Kirron Kher has said that as brought to her notice by the hotel and restaurant association of Chandigarh, Punjab government has already framed a policy to protect the interest of its hospitality industry in the state. She has added in the letter that Chandigarh must also follow and implement the same policy in Chandigarh. This move will help the restaurants and hotels to run their business without any hindrance. It was mentioned in the letter that the industry has witnessed huge financial losses following the Liquor ban judgement by the Supreme Court of India. The loss has not only affected the hospitality industry in Chandigarh but due to the ban, UT has also suffered huge financial losses. If Chandigarh adopts the policy that is being followed by Punjab, there are chances that the hospitality industry revives again in the city.

Relaxation possible in liquor ban in Chandigarh 

Last month, the Supreme Court of India had dismissed a petition challenging the UT administration’s decision. The UT administration had decided to denotify national highways as city roads passing through Chandigarh which would allow the liquor outlets to operate within the city as earlier. Any formal order from the Supreme Court have not been received by the Chandigarh administration in the same context, owing to which the Chandigarh authorities are unable to implement the relaxation in the booze ban.

Source: Hindustan Times


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