Ashish Singh & His Influencer Career

We live in the era, where everyone is running after money, chasing their dreams and filling their pockets. It is quite understandable, looking at criteria of the society, where people’s worth is measured basis the load they have back in their accounts. A rat race with no end to it, the chase goes on and on, stashing bank accounts and tick marking the dream list. Then there are a few, who do earn money, but not only for the sake of their survival and living but to help the lesser fortunate. And one of the prime examples for such acts is Ashish Singh, a Chandigarh based fashion influencer.

With expertise in Men’s fashion, he shares ideas and content on his Instagram handle, @thevanquishment. Ashish is a down to earth person who believes that it is his mother behind the success and fame that he has earned in the influencing career. A famous content creator, he started his career in October’16 and has never looked back. Ashish has earned a following of over 84K on Instagram, religiously following him on the content he shares.

Similar to any other influencer, Ashish charges a sum of money for the campaigns he does for different brands. The sense of fashion that he owns, Ashish charges for sharing his ideas and content, not only his personal benefits but for extending his help to the lesser fortunate as well. He believes that shelling out the least of 5-10% of your income towards the betterment of poor will not only bring happiness amongst them but improve your karma in manifolds.

Ashish plans to pull out more and more campaigns with time, so that he may be able to increase the number of people he may help and share his happiness with them. He believes that along with the feeling to share, money also plays an essential role in extending your help towards the lesser fortunate. Ashish shares the pictures of happy people getting goodies so that he may influence people for doing the same and create a better world.


Ajay Deep

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