New Audi A8 Sedan (2017) Officially Unveiled | Know Amazing Features & Price

Audi A8 is the latest addition into Audi Sedan Family which has been officially unveiled in July 2017. India still has to wait to bring this new Audi A8 Sedan car in its sub continent. The Luxury Car makers of Germany have well crafted the design of Audi A8 which has been officially taken out of wraps to showcase the world what Audi A8 looks like recently. With latest added features and a simple aerodynamic design that Audi A8 proudly boasts of, the features, specifications, new design along with the value for money at which Audi A8 is priced at, take a look at what this techy-beauty has got for you.

Audi A8 2017 : The Luxury Sedan Officially Unveiled

Carrying out the ‘unveiling process’ in the Global Auto Summit that was held in Barcelona in July 2017, the face of Audi A8 has been brought into the limelight of car lovers who were eagerly awaiting to see what this Audi A8 beauty looks like. The updations happening in the Audi A8 right from the grass root level with high precision simply makes you drool over the luxury sedan in no time. Belonging to the 4th gen of the Audi family, the all new Audi A8 connects Audi’s past to its futuristic approach which it is marching towards with all these launches.

Audi A8 2017 : Features, Specifications 

Here’s what the new luxury sedan brought forth by Audi via Audi A8 has got for all the car lovers out there.

  • Latest and updated exterior design with LED tail lamps in Audi A8
  • While, Audi A8 interiors boast of LCD control panel installation in them
  • Level 3 advanced autonomous driving features installed which is the only car in the world to have them
  • All wheel permanent drive feature with advancement in garage pilot, traffic jam, parking pilot etc.
  • Front design in exterior of Audi A8 boasts of single frame grille installed along with headlamps having laser
  • Different day time and night time driving lights for added safety features
  • The 5 spoke alloy wheels gives Audi A8 a new differentiated look from previous models
  • Interiors boast of glossy black surface which gives Audi A8 inside a shiny smooth finish
  • Touch control on the steering wheel uniquely designed looks extremely classy
  • The relaxation seat feature in Audi A8 to have foot massage therapy installations too
  • Right now 6-cylinder diesel or petrol engines to have electrification engines in future in Audi A8

Audi A8 2017 : Price & Arrival In India

Expected to get launched in India in 2018, Audi A8 is already being eyed by the richbies and car lovers belonging to Indian Sub-continent. Audi A8 is expected to be priced at above INR 1 crore but with no such official declaration made by the Audi manufacturers for Audi A8 in India right now. Well, no matter what, the car has a class. Made for classes and not for masses, Audi A8 is surely an evolution in the luxury sedan family of Audi which everyone had been waiting for !

Source : NDTV

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