Audi Recalls 8.5 Lakh Diesel Cars (V6 & V8 Engines) For Software Update | Important Info

Recently the news revealed that the Audi has issued the volunteer recalling for its 8.5 lakh diesel cars. All the diesel card including the V6 diesel or the V8 diesel engine are falling under the issued notice by Audi. This means that all the top notch models of Sedans, as well as SUVs from the brand, will be recalled for the rectification of their emissions.

Along with the Sedans and SUVs, there are many Porsche and Volkswagen models that have V6 and V8 TDI engines EU5  and EU6 engines.

Reason – Why Audi is Recalling Cars

The basic motto behind this voluntary recall is the update of the software of the mentioned cars. With this volunteer recalling, Audi is trying to improve the software of the models to improve the real-world driving conditions for the drivers and improve the emissions. It has also come to light that Audi professionals are also working hand in hand with the German Federal Transport Authority [KBA] for the same reasons. Also, Audi has assured KBA that it will be cooperating throughout the investigation about the company using ‘defeat device’ to falsify the emissions during the regulatory test.

Along with the news, there is also a known declaration of KBA saying that there will be consequences if they found the use of defeat devices installed in the Audi.

Along with the updated software and improved emissions, Audi also states that this recall will also help make the cars not susceptible to any of the diesel bans that might be encountered in the future. Recently Mercedes-Benz also carried out the similar recall that turned in over 3 million cars in Europe for the same reason.

Basically, this call from Audi is its attempt to avoid the scandal similar to what Volkswagen suffered from its diesel gate affair. Also, the Audi officials came out with the statement stating that these recalls are made as a pre-emptive effort putting back the faith in the diesel as a fuel and along with its future.

Source- NDTV


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