New Vehicles in Chandigarh Will Now be Registered at Auto Dealers & Not RLA Office

To avoid the heck of running from pillar to post for the registration of the vehicles, the UT, Chandigarh administration is all in the fire to allow all the automobile agencies to register the vehicles.

Presently the process of registration of the vehicles is done by the Registering and Licensing Authority [RLA], India.  At the beginning, according to the sources, the process of allowing the automobile agencies to register the vehicles will be tested for a short trial period.

The administration has decided to start the process with the 4 selected agencies before moving ahead with all automobile companies. There are 52 automobile agencies till date who are dealing in different cars and two wheelers manufacturers in Chandigarh. These 52 agencies in Chandigarh are spread throughout, starting from the Phases I and II and moving ahead to Industrial area.

Status of The Proposal to Allow Automobile Agencies to Register Vehicle by Chandigarh, UT Administration

According to the Chandigarh administration, the process of vehicle registration will be carried out by the automobile agencies in coming future. To test the process efficiency and rate of success, the administration of Chandigarh is planning to choose the 4 agencies first, to test the proposal. For this purpose, the administration is going to provide the software to these agencies on which they will be uploading all the required details of the vehicle up for registration.

Also, Along with the registration, the automobile customers in Chandigarh will be provided with their vehicle’s registration number on the spot, while the registration certificate for their vehicle that is RC will be dispatched by the RLA department through post to their address in Chandigarh.

As per the sources, recently the meeting was held with the Chandigarh Car Dealers Association with the Chandigarh, UT Deputy Commissioner. After the meeting, sources from the Car Dealers Association appreciated the idea and said that, it will be very helpful to all the customers and, asked for applying nominal fee as they would have to hire additional staff.

Presently the process of registering a vehicle is a headache as the applicant has to undergo tedious process of filing the forms, getting the vehicle passed and submitting the documents to RLA, Chandigarh. Also, the sources said that if the new system of vehicle registration is implemented, customers will be released from the harassment they face under the officials.

Source: TOI

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