Auto-Rickshaws in Chandigarh Go On Strike | Want the Government to Ban Uber, Ola

The auto-rickshaw drivers in Chandigarh were seen shouting slogans against the Chandigarh administration. The auto-rickshaw drivers in Chandigarh said that the Chandigarh administration has been adopting double standards on diesel vehicles.

Chandigarh auto-rickshaw drivers launched a strike against the popular and most widely used taxi services which includes Ola Cabs and Uber Cabs. Auto-rickshaw drivers say that they are facing a lot of hardships due to increasing popularity of these app-based taxi services.

Banning The Taxi Services in Chandigarh

The auto-rickshaw drivers gathered at the Sector 25 Rally Ground and were seen shouting slogans against the Chandigarh Administration. They were shouting slogans against the Chandigarh’s administration for adopting double standards on diesel vehicles. The auto-rickshaw drivers have demanded that the popular and the most widely used app-based taxi services should be discontinued from Chandigarh.

CMPAJAC leaders said that last year diesel auto-rickshaws were banned by the Chandigarh administration which put nearly 10,000 families in a financial crunch. They also said that by banning diesel auto-rickshaws the government has snatched employment from the poor families making them broke. (HOW MISERABLE!)

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

The auto-rickshaw drivers have come on roads. They are not able to pay off their loans and feed their families. The permits which were given to the auto-rickshaw drivers in Chandigarh and were converted to LMV. As per sources, chairman of CMPAJAC said that the police is challaning them, despite having all the valid documents. They also said that they are also not allowed to transport passengers nor the goods.

CMPAJAC’s chairman said that Uber Cabs and Ola Cabs are registered in Punjab, Haryana and New Delhi and they are illegal. The chairman also said that if the auto-rickshaws are polluting the environment, the app-based taxis are polluting too. The auto-drivers were exasperated because the government has not banned the app-based taxis which also run on diesel. CMPAJAC’s chairman said that they will not end the strike until their permits are corrected and the app-based taxi services are banned from city. It is estimated that nearly 1000 auto-rickshaws remained grounded in Sector-25 Rally Ground and also in various parts of Chandigarh.


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