Baahubali 2 Couple Prabhas & Anushka to Get Married – Journey of Reel to Real life

Baahubali stars, Prabhas and Anushka reported being engaged by the end of this year. As per various reports, reel life couple of Baahubali movie, Prabhas and Anushka are all set to turn as a real-life couple. Prabhas and Anushka as a couple have given some huge love goals to the audience with Baahubali movie and no doubt they both complimented each other at all.

Handsome hunk of Baahubali, Prabhas has been the heartthrob of girls and has rejected more than 6000 marriage proposal till date. And even Prabhas agreed to the same saying that he has been busy with his movie and till then he can’t even think of his marriage plans. But the denial of 6000 marriage proposal was because of the busy schedule or something else was cooking between Prabhas & Anushka.

About Prabhas & Anushka Wedding details

At the time of Bahubali release as well, it was reported that the lead actors, Prabhas and Anushka Shetty have been dating each other. But neither of the one or the team members officially announced about the relationship status of both the Bahubali stars. And now in recent reports by various news sources, it seems that in quite a few time Prabhas and Anushka will make their relationship open to all. Along with official announcement will come the news of Prabhas-Anushka engagement & wedding as well.

If news reports are to be believed, then Prabhas & Anushka will be getting engaged in the month of December this year. And on the same day, the couple will openly announce their relationship to the World. With this, surely Prabhas and Anushka will break the heart of their millions of girls & boys respectively, who have indirectly fallen in love with them.

And the reality of Baahubali stars, Prabhas & Anushka engagement & wedding

The rumors of Bahubali stars, Prabhas & Anushka’s wedding and engagement made news when a person twitted about the same. He twitted that ‘Breaking news for Baahubali fans! Anushka and Prabhas will get engaged this December. They are officially in a relationship now’. He also claimed that one of the Prabhas and Anushka’s close friend said that they both love & care about each other too much and they are officially in a relationship now.

Whatever it may be, till now its just rumors as no official statement has been made from Prabhas or Anushka side.

Source: India Today


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