Baarish Ke Bahane by Babbu Maan | New Hindi Song (Official Video)

Babbu Maan is back, and this time with a hindi song ‘Baarish ke Bahane’. Yes, the star of the Punjabi music industry Babbu Maan, who certainly needs no introduction, is back with his monsoon song ‘Baarish ke Bahane’, a hindi song, which is trending on youtube.

The song starts as:Baarish

Baarish ke Bahane… Maza le Jawani ka…

Wah re re wah re… Naseeb Dekho Paani Ka…

There is no denying the fact that Babbu Maan has a loyal list of followers that he has earned all this while through his lyrics and songs. He is a through performer who has not just enchanted the listeners but mesmerised them as well with his electrifying performances on numerous podiums.

Babbu Maan’s Baarish ke Bahane

Songwriter, Singer, Actor and Producer Babbu Maan has given some of the best songs to the Punjabi Music Industry.  The latest song ‘Baarish ke Bahane’, this time a Hindi one, has certainly brought cheers for most of his followers.

Baarish Ke Bahane- Babbu Maan

Song – Baarish Ke Bahane

Singer – Babbu Maan

Lyrics – Babbu Maan

Music – DJ Sheizwood

Label : Zee Music Company

With the perfect blend of melodious music, lyrics and rhythm Maan’s soothing voice has added to his popularity.

Baarish ke Bahane – Babbu Maan (Official Video)

Shot in Dubai, (Evident with Burj Khalifa in a shot and car bearing Dubai number plate) the song opens with the couplet ‘Abhi to dhoop thi Ghata kidhar se aayi‘ and the naughty and passionate lines ‘Barish ke bahane Maza le jawani ka… conclude the couplet. The sensuous damsel in the song keeps you glued to the video while Maan’s voice (Pictured as candid scenes shot inside the studio) adds to the life of the song.

The Rain Connect

This is not for the first time that Babbu Maan has come up with a song related to the romantic rainy season. ”Saaun Di Jhadi wich tere naal nachne nu…‘ was the first monsoon song by Babbu Maan launched in 2001. And this time it is Baarish ke baahane by Babbu Maan that is being talked about.

Mann has enthralled the audience the world over and has successfully made a place in the hearts of millions of his die-hard fans. The latest song by Babbu Mann ‘Baarish ke Bahane’ is not just a monsoon gift to his fans but also a romantic bouquet for the love birds who find the rainy season one of the most romantic seasons of all. It’s time to download the Mp3 or watch the video online on youtube.


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