Ram Rahim Arrested From CBI Court Panchkula (Live Updates) – Final Verdict

25th August 2017. It is a big day as it is today at 2:30 PM that a final verdict on 15-year-old rape case on Baba Ram Rahim will be announced. Here is a minute by minute update of everything that is happening at Sirsa, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana.

9:00 AM = Baba Ram Rahim starts from Sirsa by road. A cavalcade of 100 cars started from Sirsa Dera and 100 more cars joined Dera Chief from Sirsa itself.

9:15 AM = It was seen that apart from security by the government, the personal security of Baba Ram Dev is accompanying him. There are 3 black color cars and Baba Ram Rahim is in one of those 3 cars. He had earlier appealed to his followers that he’ll himself go to Panchkula court to listen to the final verdict.

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9:30 AM = It is still not clear that which route will be followed. There are 3 routes that come from Sirsa to Panchkula. One of these is through Patiala in Punjab. However, due to security reasons, it is assumed that only a route which comes through Haryana will be taken.

10:00 AM = Just after coming out of Sirsa city, while going through a village in Haryana, Dera followers lie down in front of cars and create hurdle. Personal security of Baba Ram Rahim is seen pulling these followers out of the way and making way for the cavalcade to pass.

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10:15 AM = Meanwhile in Panchkula, the army and special task forces have taken their positions. The CBI court complex is under tight vigil and police has been deployed on the entire route in Panchkula district that leads to the court complex. Baba Ram Rahim has to appear at the court at 2:30 PM.

10:30 AM = Despite efforts by Haryana police, followers of Dera who gathered in Panchkula are not ready to move back. They are saying that they’ll only return back home after the darshan of their guru.

10:45 AM = It is expected that Baba Ram Rahim will reach Panchkula between 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM and will directly go to the court premises.

10:55 AM = A small accident occurred near Narwana. No loss reported. All cars including that of Ram Rahim are again on the way at a high speed.

11:00 AM = As per reports from media, Baba Ram Rahim cavalcade has reached Kaithal.

11:10 AM = Haryana DGP says that they’ll make the number of cars in Baba Ram Rahim’s cavalcade as short as it can be. Measures have been taken to stop all cars at Panchkula border.

11:15 AM = CBI court at Panchkula is all geared up for Ram Rahim verdict. A special hearing will take place at 11:30 at High Court which said that despite section 144 how come so many people reached Panchkula. The bench will also discuss the security situation in Punjab & Haryana.

11:20 AM = Reports are in that the entire way from Sirsa to Panchkula is under video recording. This has been done as a security measure.

11:30 AM = Punjab seals its state border with Haryana.

11:45 AM = Ram Rahim is about to reach Ambala. Will come to Panchkula likely via Zirakpur.

12:00 PM = Punjab & Haryana Court says that no leader or politician will be allowed to make any announcement.

12:15 PM = 10 additional army and para-military companies given to Haryana. The court has also given orders to Haryana Police to take any necessary action to prevail peace in the state.

12:30 PM = Helicopters spotted in Panchkula. As per sources, these have been called in to keep an eye from the air.

12:45 PM = High Court says that out of 200 cars, only 5 will be allowed to enter Panchkula for the hearing of Ram Rahim verdict at CBI court in Panchkula.

1:30 PM = Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has reached Zirakpur.

1:40 PM = Calavacade of cars is over 200. All cars will be stopped at Panchkula border. Only 2 cars with Z-Security will be allowed inside Panchkula.

1:45 PM = Media people will also not be allowed inside court premises.

1:50 PM = High court has said that security forces are free to take any action if the need arises. Orders of shooting if the situation worsens have also been given.

2:00 PM = Security personnel start moving towards Dera followers so that they are able to control people if there is some action after Ram Rahim Verdict.

2:15 PM = CONFIRMED. Gurmeet Ram Rahim has reached the CBI court premises in Panchkula.

2:20 PM = Para military forces have tear gas bombs in their hands and are ready for a lathi charge.

2:25 PM = All set for the hearing of final verdict in Baba Ram Rahim case.

2:35 PM = Bench of lawyers is ready. It is being said that Ram Rahim has a team of 10 lawyers.

2:50 PM = The decision is being read out inside the court room. There are 7 people in the court room.

3:10 PM = Ram Rahim has been arrested.

3:15 PM =  Army takes control of Panchkula. Was kept on standby.

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More Updates on Ram Rahim Verdict coming soon. Stay Tuned!

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