Baba Ramdev Under Scanner for Sending Expired Patanjali Goods to Flood Victims in Assam

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is under the scanner of the health department as the news of all expired F&B items been sent to the Assam flood victims has started surfacing, off lately. Patanjali is Baba Ramdev’s ayurvedic brand, which is India’s one of the biggest manufacturer of ayurvedic and organic FMCG goods. The brand has now been alleged to have distributed Patanjali products including juice, milk powder and other items with expiry dates.

Baba Ramdev alleged of supplying expired Patanjali goods

Baba Ramdev With the distribution of expired goods on August 30 at the various locations of flood hit Assam, Patanjali has landed itself in great trouble. Recently, the Assam has been hard hit by the floods. Like any other NGO or the corporate houses, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has distributed its food products amongst the flood victims at various relief camps, but soon the news of  Baba Ramdev’s supply of expired goods broke in and the news spread like fire.

Patanjali’s ayurvedic goods were distributed to the Assam flood victims

The real picture if hA local news channel of Assam, Time 8 scooped out the biggest mistake of Patanjali brand that is a brain child and dream project of Indian Yogi, Baba Ramdev. Among the Patanjali goods of worth Rs 12 lakh, more than half products had expiry dates on it. 

The ayurvedic brand, Patanjali when distributed among the Assam flood victims, none of the volunteers noticed that they were distributing the expired food items to people but later some people complained about it to the District and the distribution case of the expired FMCG products to flood victims in Assam. Many of the expired products had October 2016 imprinted on their packets.

However, a letter has been written to Patanjali Ayurveda by the District Magistrate of Assam complaining about it. On the other hand Patanjali spokesperson has denied of these such allegations. He mentioned the such reports are untrue said that such reports are false, and his FMCG company can never take such a careless move. He said that the company has distributed goods on the basis of humanity among the flood victims.



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