After Bahubali 2, It’s Dangal Box Office Collection in China Which Might Reach 1000 Crore

Bahubali 2-The Conclusion has left the audience speechless and contemporaries penny-less as it entered into the global box office collection of 1000 crore club thinking the race had no competitor. But, here’s the news, Dangal which had broken all the records at National level post its release is all set to compete against Bahubali 2 at the global scenario. The trends at the global level could reverse as both the movies have done exceptionally well in the Hindi Cinema Industry entering into a worldwide collection club of 1000 crores with Dangal pacing marginally behind Bahubali 2 in the scenario.

Dangal vs Bahubali 2, The War is ON!

Aamir Khan’s Dangal had brought laurels to the nation with the story line that depicted father-daughter love via sports wherein Bahubali 2-The conclusion already had its fan following with the tagline craze that drove viewers crazy and curious to know, “Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara?” This one-liner question had the world after it for the “Marketing gimmick” of Bahubali to fetch viewers in its second and finale part simply had its charm that trickled down to all the age-groups generating a curiosity factor in the hearts and minds of the people.

Where Bahubali 2 enjoyed curiosity-driven viewership, Dangal had its own charm which could not be compared with any other movie. The trends shown by Hindi Cinema and Global Cinema showed a role-reversal while both the movies did exceptionally well at the box office.

Trends in Indian Cinema

Bahubali 2- The Conclusion with its Hindi dubbed version produced by Karan Johar had its collection at the Indian Cinema in two weeks of 390.25 whopping crores as against Dangal’s overall collection in the industry ceasing to exist at the mark of 387.38 crores in the domestic arena.

The figures are comparable though but when the time frame is brought into the consideration, the collection showed by Dangal in weeks is similar to what is shown by Bahubali 2 in a matter of a few days.Dangal had become the highest grosser earlier this year but post the release of Bahubali 2- The Conclusion, the benchmark has been set up and this time at a higher level. While Dangal gets the title of “Highest Grosser”, Bahubali 2 very deservingly bags the title of “reigning film” of the year.

Trends at the Global Level

1000 crore club was never even a dream, but when you talk of Bahubali 2 it has created records, beaten many and set new targets for others to achieve. The trends at the global level set by Bahubali 2 are astonishingly great, unbelievable and practically not reachable. But Dangal is here to stay. Lagging behind by just INR 80 crores, behind Bahubali’s INR 1200 crore box office collection worldwide.

Beating the Odds in China – Dangal’s Success

Dangal’s phenomenal success could be seen at the release in China amongst other Hollywood movies. Here’s what statistics reveal the true story of Dangal in China.

  • Marked INR 100 cr collection in spite of being released against Hollywood biggies
  • Competed against the James Gunn’s superhero film, Guardians of Galaxy VOL.2, commendable achievement in itself
  • Six-day collection of Dangal at China reveals a huge sum of INR 148.67 cr. This is something at par with Bahubali 2.
  • The same collection in same time period of Hollywood giant was less than a quarter of Dangal’s
  • China permits release of movies in only 34 languages in its country
  • 90% of the space is reserved already for Hollywood movies
  • A big slice of cake was taken by Dangal even with 10% of remaining share, inspiring indeed

The undying enthusiasm of viewers who ain’t interested in Dangal vs Bahubali 2 war as they shall watch the both. Comparison kills creativity we know, but when the economics come into play, who talks of creative angle. Back in the early years, one could never imagine what a 1000 crore would look like, Now we do have an answer, it looks like Bahubali 2- The Conclusion or Dangal. Put the eggs hatched by both of them together in one basket and get fainted already !!!

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