11 Interesting Facts About Bahubali 2 That You Need To Know

As the Bahubali saga continues on the box office, here are some amazing facts about Bahubali 2. The Bahubali Movie series contain no stuff that can put it in the category of a usual VFX packed period film. The Bahubali’s first project was a huge success on the box office with amazing visual effects, gripping storyline, music, screenplay, acting, background score and everything.

Bahubali 2 is also nothing short of such amazing things and has done wonders in impressing the audience and on collecting a huge amount of money at the box office. Baahubali 2 has been the most anticipated movie of this year and believe me more of it it was only because of one question and you guys know it well “Kattappa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara?

Bahubali 2 Facts

And I guess after watching the Bahubali 2 you have got a fair answer for that. But now we would like to share with you some more facts about Bahubali film series that will amaze you impressively.

The Most Watched Trailer

On the release of its first trailer, the movie Bahubali 2 got 350 million views in just 1 week and became the Most Watched Indian Movie Trailer ever.

The Cost Of Bahubali Franchise

The Bahubali movie series that have numerous Hurculean type of characters in them has costed a Herculean amount of Rs 400 crore. Bahubali: the beginning was set with Rs 250 crore budget and according to a Bahubali fact, the movie did a business of Rs 615 crore globally.

Big Things Take Time

The making of Bahubali 1 took about 635 days, a maximum time taken by any film in recent years. Over 3000 people teamed together to put together a huge project like this.

Bahubali 2 Big Poster

Another fact about Bahubali 2 is that the team crafted the largest poster in the history of Indian cinema, that was over 50,000 sq. feet big and entered the Guinness Book of World Record.

Amazing Visuals in Bahubali 2

Over 800 technicians worked tirelessly in the art, design and visuals department to make the larger than life visual effects of Bahubali 2.

Big Budget Workouts

The workout equipment and physical trainers that shaped Bahubali or actor Prabhas costed around Rs 1.5 crore. OMG 1.5 crore for just physical training. We are sure no other Bollywood movie can break this Bahubali 2 fact.

Bahubali’s Diet

Prabhas consumed 40 edd whites daily to sustain his weight. Both Rana Daggubati and Prabhas crossed the weight mark 100 kgs. This is yet another great fact of Bahubali 2.

Action and Stunts

Around 2000 stuntmen and elephants were used for the war sequences of Bahubali 2. This fact is in itself a huge one for any Bollywood movie.

Bahubali’s Actor Charges

Actor Prabhas charged a sum of Rs 20 crore for the Bahubali 1 and that made him the highest paid actors in the Telugu film industry.

The Screening

Bahubali I was screened in about 4000+ cinema halls across India, while Bahubali 2 has been put up in about 6500+ screens. This fact makes Bahubali 2 as the most widespread & watched movie. That’s why it has broken all box office records.

The Leaky Situation

Due to the fear of leaks director S.S Rajamouli made 4 climaxes for the Bahubali 2 movie.

So here you are holding a Master’s Degree of the Amazing World of Bahubali in your hands that you just now completed successfully!

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