7 Awesome Records Made by (Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion) Worldwide

In just 4 days after the release of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, it has made such huge records in the film industry that is far from anyone dream. As per the budget of the movie, Bahubali 2 records are also whopping in the film industry. Till now Bahubali 2 has collected Rs 530 crores in the box office all across the World.

Along with setting new records in the box office collection in India, Bahubali 2 has also many great records in foreign countries as well. And the records of Bahubali 2 are very tough to break in within or outside India.

Bahubali 2 Movie Records

And here comes the list of records in the name of Bahubali 2 which will leave you, mum. Also, much more records are yet to be made by Bahubali 2 because ‘Ye to bus shuruwat hai’.

Rs. 100 Crore Club

Breaking all the previous records in the section, Bahubali 2 has been the first ever movie of Indian film industry to cross Rs 100 crore on its releasing day. None of the Bollywood movies has made it to the 100 crore club on its opening day. Bahubali 2 has been released in 4 languages- Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil, which has taken it to collect Rs 121 crore on the very first day of its release.

Released in 9000 Screens

Bahubali 2 have become the first ever Indian movie that got a tremendous opening. With the record of releasing in 9000 screens across the World, Bahubali 2 become the first movie to have the widest release. Bahubali 2 has also broken the record of Dangal which was released on 6000 screens across the World.

800 Screens in U.S

Not only in India but the craze for Bahubali 2 was also in the high sky in foreign countries. Bahubali 2 recorded to be the first film to open in the maximum number of theatres in US (United States). Bahubali 2 has opened in 800 screens in US, which is thrice of Aamir Khan’s Dangal that opened on 331 screens in the US.

Rs. 4000 per ticket

Each and every person was keen to know Why Kattappa killed Bahubali? and for that, they were willing to as much as the amount of money for the ticket. In Telangana, the single ticket for the movie Bahubali 2 has been sold for the whopping amount of Rs. 4000. Bahubali 2 has also the record of clinching maximum amount from the pocket of the audience.

Bahubali 2 Hindi version set new record

Bahubali 2 has also broken all the previous records made in Bollywood by the Khans. Hindi version of the movie Bahubali 2 has collected 41 crores on the very first day of its release. Earlier Salman Khan’s Sultan had the record of opening at Rs 36.54 crores in the Bollywood. And Aamir Khan’s Dangal opened at Rs. 29.78 crores in India. But Bahubali 2 has set new records in the same section.

Breaks record in North America

Along with making people crazy in India, Bahubali 2 has also made it in the mind of foreigners. Bahubali 2 has not only held records in India but also in USA. The movie has collected Rs. 50.72 crores in North America in just 2 days. None of the Bollywood films has collected such a high amount in just 2 days of its release but Bahubali has set new records for the same.

Bahubali 2 ticket sell in every 12 sec

A ticket booking website, Book My Show claimed that in every 12 seconds there was 1 ticket sold for Bahubali 2. It has been even announced that Bahubali 2 has broken all the previous records of the Hindi film industry. Advance booking also surged phenomenally for Bahubali 2.

Till now each and every theatre in India is running houseful shows of Bahubali 2 and it is expected that it will also create history by entering Rs. 1000 crore club in the very first week of its release.

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