Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection Breaks Another Record | Crosses 1500 Crore Benchmark

Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion is in no way near its box office collection conclusion. Crossing a benchmark of its collection at box office with whopping 1500 crores in the business, Bahubali 2 has broken its own record of entering into the 1000 crore club.

The phenomenal success of the movie can be corroborated from the fact that the collection data procured is on a period of 21 days only! Are you Kidding?? Yes, 1500 whopping crores made at box office in just like 21 days of its release that happened worldwide on April 28, 2017. Sounds like a dream, but definitely these numbers do not lie.

Bahubali 2 enters the 1500 crore club

Acting as a pioneer and creator of the 1500 crore club for any Indian movie in the industry, Bahubali 2: The Conclusion entered into the 1500 crore club like a King! Reigning over the throne set, the club is not only hard to achieve but besides the phenomenal collection made at the global box office, Bahubali 2 enjoyed the monopoly and attention from the World media like no one else. Now, that is what we term as a “Super success” achieved which has never been even targeted in the business ever before.

Bahubali 2 vs Dangal in 1500 crore War, It’s On!

Leading Aamir Khan starrer “Dangal” in the world cinema by a 300 crore margin, Bahubal 2 has already reached a level of 1500 crore while trailing after Bahubali 2, Dangal still lies behind at 1200 crore mark. The world’s box office collection top position holder Bahubali 2 tops the chart by keeping on breaking its own record.

Here’s a list as to who bags what position in terms of global box office collections.

  1. Bahubali 2 bags the top position of making over 1500 crores in the worldwide collections
  2. Aamir Khan’s Dangal bagging the second position while it is on 1200+ crore runway
  3. Third in the league is again Aamir’s PK whose collection boasts of 792 crores in its lifetime
  4. Bahubali part 1, bags the fourth position with making a 650 crore business in the industry.

Times when Bahubali 2 broke its own record

  • Becomes the first Tamil movie to cross 100 crore club
  • Bags the title of “Kerela’s highest grossing movie” ever
  • Collection of Hindi version of Bahubali 2 boasts of whopping 500 crores
  • First Indian Film to make 1000 crores in International box office – Bahubali 2.
  • Breaks its own record to enter the 1500 crore global box office collection.

The numbers are insanely high. The collections are whopping. The brand name and marketing gimmick employed is undoubtedly amazing. The concept is true and conceptualisation is done like never before. Presenting before you, Bahubali 2: The Conclusion making 1500 crores in 3 weeks post its release. Faint already!

Let’s see which other record does Bahubali 2 make at the box office collection.

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