Bajaj Dominar vs. Royal Enfield Motorcycles: Haathi Ya Ghoda?

A look at the reasons as to why you should buy the Bajaj Dominar or the Royal Enfiled motorcycles

Royal Enfield is hands down the most popular motorcycle manufacturer in India especially if the millennials are concerned. However, the lack of technology has started to become apparent when compared to some very capable motorcycles like the Bajaj Dominar. The 250-500cc segment has players like KTM too but surprisingly 90% of the bikes sold are Royal Enfields. This is because the KTM is not a direct rival and is targeted at a more enthusiast kind of a buyer.

But competition from the Bajaj Dominar is very stiff and there is no denying that. Although the sales are at no danger, the image of the Royal Enfield bikes has been highlighted time and again in Bajaj’s Haathi Mat Palo advertisements. So today we take a look at what kind of a buyer should but what.

Bajaj Dominar Over The Royal Enfield

If you are someone who is looking for a decent tourer in the 250-500cc market then Bajaj Dominar and Royal Enfield are two very obvious options to choose from. If you are someone who would like to save some bucks on maintenance then you should go with the Dominar. It is also the preferred choice for those people over the Royal Enfield motorcycles who want to explore even the secluded corners of the world and want a reliable motorcycle to accompany them there.

The all LED headlamps of the Bajaj Dominar also come in handy while driving on secluded roads as compared to the Royal Enfield’s torch like assistance. Key features like ABS and tubeless tyres just make the bike all the more reliable.

Why Buy the Royal Enfield then?

Well the Bajaj Dominar is one very stylish motorcycle but it won’t turn heads like a Royal Enfield can. In all honesty though people used to buy the retro designed bikes for standing out of the crowd but now there are more Royal Enfields on the road than ever. Still the constant updates like the Redditch editions and now the Thunderbird X make Royal Enfield motorcycles more desirable.

Coming to the obvious reason to buy the Royal Enfield – The Thump. If you happen to be someone looking for a cruiser and don’t want something like the Bajaj Dominar then you are left with very little options. The Harley’s and the Triumphs come in too expensive for a budget like that and the UM motorcycles are just no good. Spending close to 1.5 Lakh rupees on a Royal Enfield can at least get you a proper cruiser that comes with a trademark Thump sound.


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