Bajaj to Introduce Cheapest Four-Wheeler in India at Rs. 1.28 Lakh | Here’s All That You Want to Know

After Tata Nano, the most pocket-friendly car in India, scooter manufacturer Bajaj Motors is all set to introduce the cheapest car in India – the Bajaj Qute. With increasing competition in almost all the segments in the auto sector, this car is surely going to stir the automobile market after hitting the Indian roads.

Bajaj to Introduce Cheapest Car in India

Homegrown two and three-wheel scooter manufacturer Bajaj is finally all set to endeavour in the four-wheel segment with the unveiling of its much-hyped four-wheeler – Bajaj Qute. The new vehicle from the auto manufacturer is expected to unveil the new four-wheeler at the upcoming 2018 Auto Expo, scheduled to happen next month in the national capital Delhi. Bajaj’s car is not just going to be the most pocket-friendly car in the country but it will also be one of the four-wheelers in India delivering unrivalled mileage.

The tough four-wheeler approval for Bajaj auto

Automaker Bajaj got approval for the Bajaj Qute from the Indian Road and Transport Ministry after a number of hardships. The new car from Bajaj will hit the market in a new category and the Ministry has given approval to Bajaj Qute in the category of vehicle.

Bajaj had showcased the cheapest four-wheeler in India about five years ago. According to the report, Bajaj presented the four-wheeler as a concept at the 2012 Auto Expo in the national capital Delhi. The concept model was introduced in India with name RE60. As per the report, Bajaj had named the four-wheeler as ‘Quadricycle’ instead of calling it a car. The name of the concept vehicle was later changed to a curtain.

Features, launch date and price of the Bajaj Qute

Bajaj’s cheapest four-wheeler in India is reported to be introduced in India by this year. As per the report, the automaker is expected to introduce the Bajaj Qute in the Indian automobile market by end of this financial year.  The automaker is reported to introduce the four-wheeler at an inaugural price of Rs. 1.28 lakh in India.

In addition to the intriguing price of the four-wheeler, one of the other features that will certainly raise several eyebrows is the mileage of the Bajaj Qute. It has been claimed that the 216.6 cc petrol engine will churn out 13.2 PS and will deliver a mileage of 36 km per liter.

Source: Amar Ujala


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