After the Pulsar 135, Bajaj Now Discontinues The Avenger 150 | Here’s What’s Happening

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS was discontinued by the Pune based company earlier this week owing to low sales in the Indian market. Now the Avenger 150 too has magically disappeared from the company’s website which now only lists the Avenger 180 Street, 220 Cruise and Street 220. However, Bajaj Avenger 150 Street hasn’t been discontinued but upgraded to the 180. The Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS on the other hand will continue to be in production for export markets but we have no reason to believe if the bike will be reintroduced in India later.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Discontinued

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS was the first bike to be discontinued by the company earlier this week. It came in days after the Indian Government’s deadline to equip all motorcycles above 125cc capacity with ABS systems. This would have attracted a price hike in the already unpopular bike. However, Bajaj says that there were very few buyers for the Bajaj Pulsar 135 and the decision was taken owing to poor sales. It was the smallest bike in the Pulsar range targeted at the urban commuter.

After, Bajaj discontinued the Pulsar 135, the Avenger 150 too magically disappeared from the company’s official website. The Avenger too was popular in its 220cc avatar since the bike is aimed at buyers who seek comfortable highway tourers. The bike still remains available in three variants – Street 180 and 220 and a Cruise variant only with a 220cc engine. It is to be noted that both the Bajaj Pulsar 135 and Avenger 150 Street were the smallest bikes in their respective range.

After the Bajaj Pulsar 135, 150cc Will Be The Entry Level Pulsar

Another reason to discontinue the Bajaj Pulsar 135 could be to make more room for the refreshed Pulsar 150 which has been spied a couple of times already by the internet frenzy. It is believed that the Pulsar 150cc will be substantial in paving the way for more bikes in the range that will get the same set of styling thereafter. Unlike the Pulsar 135 LS, Bajaj will be offering disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels of the Pulsar 150. Now the Discover series too will have more room to breathe sans the Bajaj Pulsar 135.


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