Basic Functions That Every HR Software Must Have

The rise in the demand for HR software has raised manifolds in the past decade. While the companies including the SMEs and other businesses started realizing the importance of an integrated HR software more and more; the coronavirus made it, unfortunately, a mandate for every company to use an HR management software so that while people are working from different geographical locations, they can collaborate and the work and attendance, payroll can still be taken care of well.

So, because we are well aware of this rising demand, we thought in this blog, it would be great to help our readers in their lookout. Here are six things that an HR software must-have. Let’s begin!

  • Securely storing and organizing employee data

In this time, it is important to have an on cloud software so that people can log in from any time, anywhere. It would also be great to see if there are provisions in the HR software to mark the attendance of the employees working from home. This will save HR from doing all this manually for payroll processing. Not only will on cloud software store but it will also keep it organised.

  • Creating workflows and tracking approvals

More than ever, it is important now to create proper workflows and track the approvals. For the same, an HCM suite is a must. Be it attendance request, goal setting or investment declarations, etc; the HCM should be able to do it all online for you with a provision for continuous and 360degree feedback. This is exactly what the businesses require the most right now!

  • Self-service time tracking

There should also be a provision for time tracking. When employees are working their goals and weekly tasks should be defined. This will give employees clarity as to what should be done in the week and how they should plan their schedule. When there is a timesheet or other means to track time of the employees, it helps the team manager understand the progress and tell the employee if the pace is too slow. This feature also helps the employees in keeping a track of their own time so that they know if they are taking too much time to complete their tasks and if they need a better strategy.

  • Tracking employee training for development and compliance

HR software must provide the option to track employees for development and compliance. This is important as many employees are investing time in upskilling. Moreover, the changing government norms for the role of companies towards their employees due to corona are something that all the employees must be in sync with too. So, whoever needs training be it HR or the employees, there should be a tracker so that even in a hybrid or remote work model, the work can be done at the right pace.

  • Gauging and reporting on employee satisfaction

This pandemic has impacted the mental health of employees in many ways. Apart from that, the change in work and lifestyle has also taken many of them by complete shock. In this scenario, it becomes more than important for the employers to take care of employee engagement, wellness and satisfaction. And so, it is necessary for you to measure employee satisfaction. When you cannot meet them in person, only HR software can help you with that. So, make sure the software has features like a moodbot, chat, badges, rewards and announcements so that the HR and employees can stay more in touch with each other. HR can share organizational or departmental news to keep the employees motivated. Besides, they can also share positive news about the recovery cases from the virus so that the employees can feel a little better and hopeful about the situation.

  • Performance management and goal tracking

Another feature that software must-have is the feature to manage performance. This is infact one feature that is in demand the most right now. Because teams do not interact with their managers in person anymore now. So, a software that can help the managers keep a track of employees performance in a seamless manner should be given priority. There are certain features that businesses should look for in this. Is there a provision to set weekly deliverables? How easy is it to give feedback to employees?

The aforementioned points are the ones that HR software should have. There are many more though. So, were you planning to buy a new HR software or you already had one? Does your HCM offer all these features or is there something that is a miss? Let us know in the comments section below. Do add your perspective to this too. Hope this helped and you will end up buying the best HR software for your business now. Good luck!


Ajay Deep

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