5 Super Cool Beard Styles For Chandigarh Gabrus

Beard Is The New Sexy!

There are different beard styles and it all depends on the face structure. However, experimenting can be done with the beard by trimming it regularly or letting it grow. You should be patient enough if you want to grow a long beard (The Wait Would Be Worth It).

Keeping a beard completely changes a man’s outlook. We have shortlisted some cool beard styles for Chandigarh Gabrus:

1. Long Stubble

Long Stubble beard style is comparatively hard to maintain as compared to short beard. Long Stubble beard style would be approximately 6mm long. For Long Stubble, you need to regularly trim your cheek hair to get a good look.

  • Facial Structure: Recommended for all face shapes
  • Achieving┬áLong Stubble: Don’t shave your beard for 1-2 weeks. Keep the lower area of your chin well trimmed for a proper beard shape

2. Van Dyke

Anthony Van Dyke was a popular Flemish painter from 17th century. The Van Dyke Beard Style is derived from him as it was his signature look. Van Dyke beard style is a combination of mustache and goatee.

  • Facial Structure: Recommended for faces with narrow chin
  • Achieving Van Dyke: Wait until your beard grows longer. Shave off your hair on neck and cheeks. Shape up your sideburns for a good look.

3. Imperial


This is the most liked beard style of Chandigarh Gabrus. It is basically not a beard style but it’s more of a mustache style. You should keep your beard simple so that your mustache is highlighted.

  • Facial Structure: Recommended for oblong or rectangular faces
  • Achieving Imperial: Do not shave your beard for weeks. You might have to be very patient to get this look.

4. Full Beard

Full Beard Style is one of the most preferred beard styles by men. This is the manliest beard style if the beard is well-groomed.

  • Facial Structure: Recommended for diamond, triangle or inverted Triangle face structures.
  • Achieving Full Beard: Full beard style is easy to achieve. You need to regularly trim your beard depending on how fast your beard grows.

5. Balbo

Everyone must be knowing one of the most popular and renowned American actor who starred in The Avengers and Iron Man. Yes! We are talking about Robert Downey, Jr. The Balbo beard style Robert Downey, Jr’s beard style and it goes along well with his features.

  • Facial Structure: Recommended for the faces with a narrow chin
  • Achieving Balbo: To achieve the Balbo beard style you need to grow a full beard and then you to carefully shave off your on the side in order get a proper Balbo beard style.

Keep Experimenting Gabrus, Afterall It’s Your “Ghar Ki Kheti”

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