Beat the Summer Blues With 5 Cool Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Summers are officially here, and many are predicting temperatures to soar to the mid-40s, making it one of the worst heat waves to hit the country. This ‘above normal’ summer also comes along with high electricity bills, thanks to the additional usage of consumer durable appliances like air conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, etc. The hotter it is outside, the more we stay inside using electronics and appliances, and the harder our ACs work to keep our homes at our preferred temperatures. But lowering your electricity bills doesn’t require you to spend more money on high-end gadgets or cutting down the use of appliances. With a few simple tips and minor adjustments, you can easily bring your electricity costs down. Here are 5 things you could do to ensure you control your electricity bills this summer

Switch off the fan when not required

The power saver in us is quick to switch off lights and replace regular tube lights and bulbs with CFL and LED. But lights are used only after dark, while fans run all day and night. Thus, fans have a bigger impact on the power bills. The power consumption of a ceiling fan depends on the size and type of the motor used in it. An ordinary ceiling fan would consume more power as compared to energy efficient ceiling fan. Also, make it a habit to switch off the fan when leaving the room.

Place the refrigerator right

Your refrigerator works 24/7 throughout the year. It accounts for 15% of an average Indian household’s total power consumption. Try to make your refrigerator more power-efficient by placing it in a way that allows air circulation around it. Avoid placing your refrigerator near any source of heat like near an oven or stove. Also, don’t overstuff your fridge as there won’t be enough space for air to circulate inside, thus reducing the overall efficiency of the unit.

Reduce standby consumption

It’s not enough to just switch off an appliance or device. If you don’t turn off the main switch the device is connected to, it will consume electricity even if it’s on a standby mode and you will continue to pay for the same

Analyze your bill every month

Analyze your monthly energy consumption and its impact on your electricity bill. Switching to devices with higher efficiency will save you a lot of money. You may also consider switching energy providers. For example in Texas, you can compare electricity plans and find cheap electricity rates Texas by making good use of comparison websites.

Buy your AC from Bajaj Finance’s #BijliOnEMI offer

Summers do add an extra amount to your regular bills, mostly because of the usage of air conditioners. In recent times, due to extreme weather conditions, increasing electrification and easy finance, air conditioner has topped the list of Indian household appliances. To meet the customers growing demand for purchasing air-conditioners during summer, Bajaj Finance Ltd, the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv has launched a unique campaign called #BijliOnEMI. Customers buying air conditioners on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network will also have the option to pay their electricity bills on EMI. This first of its kind proposition enables you to convert not only the cost of your air conditioner but also your electricity into easy EMIs at no extra cost. Also, when you shop for the best air conditioners from selected dealers, you get a cashback of up to Rs. 500 on your electricity bills. To avail this, you need to check your pre-approved offer on Bajaj Finserv website, then visit your nearest partner store to purchase the product on easy EMIs. To know more, click

You could end up eliminating a large chunk of your electricity costs by implementing a number of these energy saving tips. Start with the easy ones, work your way up to the big projects and you can be well on your way to a much lower electricity bill.


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